Brand + Products

Q: What does Henné mean?

A: “Henne” means “her” in Swedish and is a celebration of women and the beauty of our uniqueness as well as our common stories.

Q: When did Henné launch?

A: Henné was founded in 2015.

Q: Where do you manufacture your products?

A: All of our products are formulated and handcrafted in small batches in-house in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Q: Where do you source your ingredients?

A: We source our ingredients from a US supplier which in turn sources it from various countries.

Q: Are you in any retail locations?

A: We are! Here’s a list of our current retailers: list of retailers.

Q: What is the shelf life of your products?

A: Our lip products have an unopened shelf life of 36 months (hand creams, face oils, and face cream 24 months). The PAO (Period After Opening) varies for the products and ranges from 9 months to 12 months.

Q: Are your products certified organic?

A: Many of our products are certified organic (Lip Balms, Lip Mask, Lip Serum, Nordic Berries Exfoliator, Lavender Mint Exfoliator). Our other products contain certain ingredients that can't be certified organic.

Q: Are your products organic/natural/non-GMO/gluten free?

A: Our products are all natural, non-GMO and gluten free, and every product is packed with organic ingredients! The Lip Balms, Lip Serum, Lip Mask, Lavender Mint Exfoliator and Nordic Berries Exfoliator are all USDA Certified Organic.

Q: Do you test on animals?

A: Henné Organics adores animals, so we do not test on animals at all. Instead we conduct product testing on ourselves (and some friends and family). Our products will always remain cruelty-free.

Q: Are your products vegan?

A: The only ingredient we use that could be considered animal derived is beeswax. Some vegans are OK with it, some are not.

Q: Do your products contain soy?

A: Some of our products contain vitamin E oil, which is derived from non-GMO soy.

Q: Do your products contain SPF?

A: None of our products contain SPF.

Q: Which products are essential oil free?

A: Serene Face Oil, Lip Serum, Nordic Berries Exfoliator, Lip Balm, Lip Balm V2, and the Lip Tints.

Q: I noticed some small grains in my lip balm. Is this normal?

A: The grains are crystallization of the butters, and it can happen when products experience temperature changes - especially colder ones. The grains don't affect the efficacy of the lip balm and there is actually a very quick fix (it usually gives the product an even smoother texture than normal!): Place the closed jar in a bowl/sink/cup of hot tap water and leave it there until it reaches room temperature. If there are still some grains left, simply repeat it - possibly with slightly hotter water.

Q: Why is the lip exfoliator hard?

A: One of the main ingredients in the lip exfoliators is coconut oil, which is pretty temperature sensitive. If the product is stored in a cooler place it might get hard. Sometimes it happens during shipping if the weather is cold. Storing the exfoliator at room temperature will gradually soften the exfoliator and bring it back to its original state. This process can be sped up by placing the closed jar in warm water for a minute or two and then placing it back at room temperature.

Q: What is the color pay off on the tints?

A: Our lip tints are sheer, buildable colors. They are not as strong as lipsticks, but are stronger than a standard tinted balm.

Q: What is the lasting power of the tints?

A: The lip tints will gradually wear off throughout the day (eating/drinking), as they are not lip stains. However, due to the sheer buildable color, they are very easy to reapply, and most of our customers rave about how they never have to use a mirror when reapplying.

Q: Are your products safe to use during pregnancy and nursing?

A: All of our products are in general very safe and mostly contain certified organic ingredients, but some do contain essential oils, which some mothers like to avoid during pregnancy. If you’re unsure, ask your health practitioner to be extra safe.

Q: How do I store my products?

A: We recommend storing the products at room temperature. Like most cosmetic products, ours will melt or soften if left in a hot car, purse or pocket.

Q: Do you have samples available?

A: Yes! Samples can be ordered by clicking the "SAMPLE IT" or "SAMPLE ALL" button below the ADD TO BAG button on each product page.

Q: What is the packaging made of?

A: Glass (jars/bottles) and aluminum (stick products). Hand cream tubes are made of BPA-free plastic.

Q: Is your packaging recyclable?

A: All our products can be partially or fully recycled. Our jars and bottles are glass. The lip tint tubes are made out of aluminum and can be recycled at stations that accept such items (there's some plastic to hold the stick in place). Hand cream tubes and lids can be recycled as plastic.

Another, better option to recycling could also be reusing or repurposing our packaging. We actually wrote a blog post a while back about ways to reuse our packaging: 15 Ways to Reuse Your Henné Packaging.

Orders + Shipping

Q: How do I start a subscription?

A: To start a subscription, sign up for a Henné rewards account or sign in if you already have one. Click the profile button in the top right corner and then the “REPLENISHMENTS” box. Another option is to add the product to your cart and create a subscription during checkout.

Q: Do you have any promo codes?

A: We highly recommend signing up for a Henné rewards account! You'll receive a 15% promo code just by signing up and receive free U.S. shipping with every order of a full-size product and get to pick 1-2 free samples during checkout + a lot of other perks.

Q: Can your products melt during shipping?

A: It rarely happens, but when we do see it happen, it’s because the product has been sitting in the mailbox for too long.

Q: When will my order ship?

A: Most orders are shipped within 1 business day and are shipped Monday through Friday.

Q: What is the cost of shipping?

A: The following are Henné Organics shipping rates:

We highly recommend signing up for a Henné rewards account! Members receive free U.S. shipping with every order of a full-size product.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: We do ship internationally but please note that the shipment may take a bit longer and you will most likely have to pay duties, so we do recommend ordering from one of our retailers to make it a smoother process for you. You can find a list of our retailers here: list of retailers.

Q: How do I start a return?

A: To initiate a return, please contact us at support@henneorganics.com with your order number in the subject header.

Q: Can I exchange a product?

A: We do offer exchanges! Please contact us at support@henneorganics.com with your order number in the subject header.