& Process

Made With Love in the USA

When you have a Henné product in your hand, you're truly holding a labor of love. From formulation to branding to production to packing, every Henné product is created with the utmost care and attention, and all of it is done in-house by our small but mighty Henné team in the quaint and nature-filled city of Wilmington, North Carolina.

We hope that when you receive and open your beautiful Henné package, it will bring a smile to your face, and that our products will bring you moments of comfort and bliss each and every day.


Leaping Bunny certifiedEthical & Cruelty-Free

Our company ethos is simple: every step along the way is taken as ethically, humanely and naturally as possible. When Henné finally touches your skin, not only do you feel the fiercely effective content of a stunningly beautiful product, but also a touch of serenity knowing that its entire journey before it showed up on your doorstep has been vetted and perfected to provide you with an experience that is great for both body and mind.

We don't just say that we're one of the most ethical companies out there. We back it up with being certified Cruelty-Free by Leaping Bunny. The only animals we test on are (willing) human participants.


Are you worried about what you're putting on your skin? When you use Henné, you can put those worries to rest.

Our facility, processes and products are USDA Certified Organic, which is the strictest organic certification there is and used to certify food. Every single part of the manufacturing process is inspected in-person and scrutinized to make sure that everything from the hand soap in our restrooms to materials and ingredients - including our suppliers themselves - comply with the highest environmental and organic standards (which includes being non-GMO).

There's a reason why few brands can match our standards and why Henné is considered one of the most trusted brands in clean, nontoxic beauty. If it's safe to eat, it's safe to put on your skin.


It’s hard to put into words the unique feeling when you marvel at a painting that moves you or admire a masterfully curated dish at a distinguished restaurant. We recognize authenticity when we see it, and when what's in front of our eyes is one of a kind, it adds another level of respect for the craftsmanship behind the object.

Henné might not be Picasso art, but the human element that sourced, blended and molded nature into small cosmetic masterpieces is very much present and leaves a lasting imprint. When you reach for your Henné gem, your eyes can tell - and your skin will feel - that there's nothing else quite like it.