by Team Henné <3 / 4.30.24

15 Ways To Reuse Your Henné Packaging

The gorgeous Henné packaging is a sight to behold, so when a product is finished, it can be a sad day to part with those gems and take them to the recycling bin.

While we highly encourage recycling our packaging, there are also ways to hold onto your beautiful jars, bottles and tubes and get plenty of use out of them!

Below are some tried-and-true suggestions from our Henné team as well as some that our customers have shared with us.

Lip Serum Bottle

lip serum on gold background

After you're finished with the Lip Serum, why not continue to marvel at that 24K gold plated rollerball by turning it into a convenient roll on perfume? Simply pop the rollerball out, clean all components thoroughly with warm soap and water, wait for the bottle and rollerball to dry, and carefully pour in your favorite eau de parfum.

Lip Balm And Lip Exfoliator Jars

3 exfoliator jars on acrylic

We've got a mega list of ways to reuse these adorable 10 ml jars, but the goal was to keep this blog post more short and sweet, so here's a few of them instead of writing out the whole novel (maybe next time!):
- Chic and discreet pill holder for your handbag
- Breath mints/candy container
- Travel-friendly (and TSA-compliant) jar for moisturizer, cleanser, eye cream, etc
- Salt keeper for dining table or kitchen
- For the creative soul/artist: pour the perfect amount of paint for projects/mix paint

Lip Mask Jar

lip mask on white background

The wider, larger Lip Mask jar size makes it perfect to store those smaller jewelry pieces, such as necklaces, rings, or stud earrings.

Here are a couple more ways to reuse the Lip Mask jars:
- Store your extra buttons for easy clothing repair
- Your smaller hair accessories, like hair ties, barrettes, and small hair clips

V2 + Lip Tint Tubes

Henné lipstick tubes

Want to turn your Henné lipstick tube into a cooling ice stick? If you haven't seen it yet, be sure to check out this blog post where we have simple instructions + a video tutorial on how to create your DIY Henné eye depuffer:

Face Oil Bottle

Face oil bottles

Before you put your gorgeous Henné face oil bottles in the recycling bin, consider giving them a new purpose?

- Do you make your own oil blend for your hair and nails? Store it here!
- If you like to mix perfume scents, you can create your own perfume blend inside.
- Like candles but don’t prefer the fumes? Henné bottles can be used as a reed diffuser to give you a fresh smelling home. No burning wick needed.
- If you have a green thumb, Henné bottles are great for propagating plants.
- Keep your extracts and oils for cooking in these bottles. The handy dropper makes adding the exact amount easy.