by Team Henné <3 / Nov 21, 2021


Photo of Henné products with snow on top
“It’s the most wonderful time of the year”…okay, maybe too soon? All carol singing aside, the holiday season has begun, and now is the perfect time to start brainstorming gifts to get your favorite people.

As many of you know from previous years, Henné products are the best kinds of stocking stuffers and are suitable for any and every person on your list. We’re making it extra easy-peasy this year by doing the brainstorming for you! Keep reading below for Henné gift ideas that will be a guaranteed hit, even for the pickiest of recipients.

For mom or mother-in-law: Lip Mask, Lip Serum, Lip Balm

Lip products on top of open book and bed covers


This sumptuous lip care trio will show mom that you not only love her to bits, but you also care about making sure her lips look their absolute best!

For the person who constantly "borrows” your lippie: Luxury Lip Tint
2 lip tints with smears in the middle


Is someone always "borrowing" your favorite lip tint? It’s fairly likely that this person is living in your house (we’re lookin’ at you, roomie). Do they promise to give it back, but you never see it again? With the season of giving, gift them their very own lip tint (be sure to pick the color that they steal/borrow the most) and hope this act of kindness will keep their fingers off your coveted tube.

For the one with dry hands (basically everybody during winter): Luxury Hand Cream

Woman applying hand cream onto hand


A lot of people out there suffer from dry hands, especially in the winter. Give that person some instant relief with our Luxury Hand Cream. It nourishes and soothes dry skin but without the pesky greasiness afterwards.

For your workplace BFF: Henné Lip Exfoliator

3 open jars of exfoliators from above


Treat him or her with one of our bedazzling Lip Exfoliators for the holidays. Whether it's Nordic Berries, Rose Diamonds or Lavender Mint, these lip jewels will show your favorite co-worker why you're THE #1 work bestie.

For the boyfriend/hubby, dad or grandpa: Luxury Lip Balm V2

V2 balm on white background


Do you have a male family member who swears that he never needs any skincare or lip care products but then also complains all the time in the winter about chapped lips? Get him a convenient V2 lip balm and enjoy your first complaint-free holiday season (or at least free of dry lip grumblings).

For your sister-from-another-mother: Lip Mask

Woman's hand holding Lip Mask


We all have that one soul sister who always has our backs. To show your appreciation for being your ride or die, treat her to the ultimate 3-in-1 lip treatment.

For your teenage daughter or niece: Bright & Cheery Lip Tints

lip tint smears


Teenage girls are not always the easiest to buy gifts for, but one thing almost all of them love is makeup! Why not gift them some nontoxic lip tints this year that are on-trend but also good for their skin? We suggest bright and youthful colors such as Azalea, Blissful, Coral, and Sunlit.

For the one always taking care of others: Hand Cream + Lip Balm

Hand cream + lip balm jar


If Henné products were hugs, they would likely be the hand cream + lip balm. Take care of the person who’s always caring for others and give them some much-needed TLC with Henné.

For the gift card lover: Henné Organics E-Gift Card

Gift Card


Many of us have that friend or family member who’s not exactly a fan of surprises, which usually means that they loooove gift cards. That’s why a Henné E-Gift card is a no-brainer. Our gift cards come in three different amounts of $25, $50, and $100, giving them plenty of freedom to choose what products they want and when they want to order them (no surprises, we promise).

For yourself: Anything and everything

Lots of Henné products on red background


Last but most certainly not least! Like last year, this year’s also been a tough one. Be sure to take care and pamper yourself. You absolutely deserve it <3