by Team Henné <3 / 3.3.24

The Power of Lip Serum: Discover Its Anti-Aging Benefits + How to Maximize Results

We use them every day. We greet people with them, show our affection to loved ones, and use them to take memorable photos. That’s right, we’re talking about lips.

When we use them so regularly, of course we want them to look their best. Lip lines and textured lips are often concerns regular old lip balm can’t take care of. And if you find yourself constantly self conscious about your lips and worry that lip lines are aging you, a lip serum is a solution you’ll want to explore.

That brings us to our first question:

What Is a Lip Serum Anyway?

Lip serums are highly concentrated liquids designed to treat age-related issues like loss of volume and lip lines. When lip balm isn’t cutting it, a lip serum is a potent, nutrient-rich option that will help rejuvenate your lips.

The Treatment Your Lips Deserve: What Lip Serum Can Do for You

We know lip serums are concentrated with nutrients, but how exactly does that benefit your lips? While we can’t speak for all lip serums, we can speak for our own Henné Lip Serum to show you exactly what’s in it to bring you smooth, youthful lips.

A Dose of Antioxidants
Antioxidants are a technical, science-y word for what’s essentially vitamin C and vitamin E. While antioxidants do exist in other forms, for the sake of clarity and keeping on theme with the benefits of the Lip Serum, we’re only going to focus on these two vitamins.

These antioxidants work diligently to target and eliminate free radicals. If you don’t know about free radicals, they’re the culprit behind accelerated aging. You know those lip lines so many of us loathe? Yep. Free radicals.

By using the Lip Serum consistently, you’re getting a healthy dose of vitamin C and vitamin E which will help your lips fight aging.

Essential Fatty Acids
You might have thought essential fatty acids were only meant to be consumed through foods like fish and chia seeds, but they can do wonders when applied topically as well.

If you want smoother, healthier lips, essential fatty acids reinforce the skin on your lips to give them that kissable glow.

Regular application of the Lip Serum delivers these nutrients straight to your lips to soak in. And while you could (and should) be eating a healthy serving of fruits and veggies regularly, who doesn’t love the convenience of receiving these essential nutrients with an easy, super quick two-second swipe?

Become a Time-Defying Wonder
With such potent ingredients, the Lip Serum is a powerhouse tool in your lip care regimen. While it can’t entirely stop the Father Time of aging, with regular and consistent use, you can minimize lip lines, textured and dull lips, and other unwanted signs of aging.

How to Maximize Your Results

We get that lip serums loaded with lip-loving nutrients, but if only it were as simple as applying and forgetting about it. When it comes to skin and lip care, the order of products and their regular use can determine how strong your results will turn out. That goes for a lip serum too.

We know you want the best results and we’re here with some tips straight from our beauty lab to dramatically improve your lips in the shortest amount of time possible.

We’re all probably familiar with exfoliating our skin. You probably even have a scrub or two in your beauty drawer. But our skin also includes our lips which often get overlooked.

If you aren’t exfoliating your lips, now is a great time to start, especially if you’re planning on adding a serum to your routine. When you exfoliate your lips, you’re buffing away the top layer of dead skin cells that would otherwise block the absorption of the precious liquid. With the layer of dead skin removed, the lip serum can soak straight into the healthy, fresh skin underneath. This not only means that you will end up with better results, but you’ll also end up using a lot less product too.

We mean it—don’t skip the exfoliation. Your lips and wallet will thank you.

Don't Forget Lip Balm
Yes, we said earlier that lip balm sometimes doesn’t cut it. But that doesn’t mean you should toss it straight into the trash either. While lip serums are nutrient-dense and provide all sorts of silky goodness to your lips, they aren’t meant to replace your lip balm.

Some lip serums may contain hydrating elements, but they lack an occlusive ingredient to prevent that moisture from evaporating. Lip balms, on the other hand, contain this occlusive, usually seen on ingredient labels as beeswax, lanolin, and petrolatum (steer clear of this last one, though).

Get the most out of your lip serum by applying a couple of layers before lip balm and letting it absorb into your lips for a few minutes. Then, when you’re ready to wrap up your routine, apply a thick layer lip balm to keep your lips hydrated, allowing the lip serum to work its magic. And don’t forget this general rule of thumb for lip serums: If your lips are still soaked after 5 minutes, you’ve put on too much product.

How Often Should You Use a Lip Serum?

We all love a good routine. Your routine decides what good habits you make, and ultimately, the results you see. We recommend using our lip serum twice a day, morning and night, to give your lips a regular supply of essential nutrients. The product is no stranger to results when used regularly.

Want to know the most effective way to add a lip serum to your lip care regimen? Then you’ll want to check out our blog post about the HENNE Method.

Finding the Lip Serum for You

There’s a world of lip serums out there, but we can’t help but share with you how much we love our own. Our Lip Serum is so much more than just lip oil in a gorgeous tube with 24K gold. Not only does it boast a range of crucial, skin-loving nutrients, but it does so through powerful ingredients only found in nature. Ingredients like arctic cloudberry oil and lingonberry oil work to target lip lines and smoothen lips. The Lip Serum is also USDA certified organic so you don’t have to wonder what you’re putting on your lips.

While we could go on and on about how much we love the Henné Lip Serum, we’ll let our happy customers do the rest of the talking:

Luxurious Serum for Lips!
I use this lip serum at night. It is luxurious and helps repair my lips, especially when during dry and cold seasons. – Allie

Changed my lips
I absolutely love this serum. It has dramatically changed my lips — making them more luscious! - Thayvie

Lips look lush
I'm not sure how this magic elixir works, but it does!... -Marie

While Marie might not know how her Lip Serum works, if you’ve gotten this far, you’ll know it’s due to our wonderful antioxidant and essential fatty acid friends. Lip care can be tricky, but we believe understanding how things work empowers you to make the most of your routine for your needs. With the Henné Lip Serum in your regimen, finding confidence in your lips and smile is only a swipe or two away.