by Rachel W. / Mar 11, 2021


Henné products on top of zodiac wallpaper

ARIES: Muse & Citrus

What’s more unique than a bold red lip? A purple lip! Courageous Aries can show their confidence and determinism while also exposing their honest and passionate qualities by wearing Muse, our beautiful berry mauve. Muse offers just the right amount of color to keep up with your optimism and enthusiasm.
Muse tint on smear

Muse Luxury Lip Tint

Additionally, our refreshingly juicy hand cream Citrus is bound to send positive thoughts to the brain, the same way a freshly cut orange can provide light and brightness on a cloudy day.

TAURUS: Bare & Blomma

Have you ever found the perfect pair of jeans that fit just right and match with every outfit in your closet?! Well our Bare lip tint can be your perfect pair of jeans. For all the practical and dependable Taurus out there, Bare is meant for you! The neutral color will match with every outfit, giving practicality and stability.

Along with Bare, you can own the physical form of comfort and luxury in a bottle, also known as our Blomma hand cream. The gentle, comforting scent will keep you grounded and balanced.

Woman's hand holding Blomma hand cream

Blomma Hand Cream

GEMINI: Azalea & Nordic Berries

For all of our gentle Geminis, we know you’ve got a playful side that’s waiting to take front and center stage, and Azalea is the perfect color to help accomplish that! This vibrant yet wearable pink can be gentle like the azalea flower yet curious and expressive, just like you.

Azalea lip tint

Azalea Luxury Lip Tint

For the social butterflies who are constantly juggling multiple passions, hobbies and friend groups, you’ll need a lip tint that’s adaptable in all situations. Our sweet but tart Nordic Berries Exfoliator is also ideal for balancing out the Geminis who may have a fiery side!

CANCER: Desire & Rose Diamonds

Getting to know a Cancer is like biting into a chocolate-covered strawberry.  Once you crack the chocolate exterior, you get to experience the sweet strawberry on the inside. With a lip tint like Desire, you can show you're tenacious and persuasive yet loyal and emotional qualities.

Our Rose Diamonds Exfoliator is also great for Cancers who are in touch with their emotions. It takes a lot to wear your heart on your sleeve, so why not scrub away your worries and relax with the soothing floral aroma of Rose Diamonds.

Lip scrub with roses surrounding it

Rose Diamonds

LEO: Muse & Lip Serum

Hello to all the Leos that scrolled through this article just to find the part about you (you know who you are)! I know you’re looking for something to show off your creative and cheerful personalities. The color purple is often associated with royalty and power, and what’s more regal than Muse?

For all you kings and queens reading this, be sure to treat yourself and your lips to the royal treatment with our opulent Lip Serum.

Lip Serum lying next to cosmetic box

Lip Serum

VIRGO: Bare & Lip Balm

Virgos, you deserve to take a break from your deep thoughts for a minute and get yourself one of our Bare lip tints. There’s no need for hesitation because Bare’s neutral color makes it practical lip tint to carry with you, while providing that your-lips-but-better flush of color.

Bare lying next to smear

Bare Luxury Lip Tint

You can also take a logical approach to life by making sure your lips stay moisturized with the Luxury Lip Balm. Your relationship with our Balm is none of our business, but be loyal to it, and it will be loyal to you…unless you let someone else try it. Then all bets are off, as that balm might mysteriously end up in their bag (hey, it would’t be the first time it’s happened).

LIBRA: Azalea & Lavender Mint

Libras are the gracious and fair-minded peacemakers that the world can always use more of. Your charming and social qualities bring people together and nothing says “I’m a Libra” quite like our bright pink lip tint Azalea.

Striving to create equilibrium in all areas of life can get exhausting so why not start with your lips! Our Lavender Mint Exfoliator will bring you balance and harmony with it’s refreshing mint and calming lavender scents.

Lavender Mint next to red flower on wood

Lavender Mint

SCORPIO: Desire & Luxury Lip Balm

There’s never a dull moment as a Scorpio because your powerful presence demands to be seen. That’s why you + our bright red Desire lip tint is a match made in heaven. Desire will work alongside you to illuminate your passion and power.

African American woman holding red lip tint

Desire Luxury Lip Tint

Also, creating deep connections and being your most authentic self are just a few qualities that make you great. Everyone needs a true friend, like a Scorpio, and our a luxurious lip balm will always have your back…and your lips!

SAGITTARIUS: Coral & V2 Lip Balm

I know our thrill-seeking Sagittarius friends don’t usually like to stay in one place for too long, so I’ll make this quick. Looking for the perfect on-the-go package to take on your super cool adventures? Then there’s no better duo for you than Coral + Luxury Lip Balm V2. Coral gives you the pop of color you need to feel free while the convenient V2 carries you and your lips through anything that comes your way.
Coral lip tint with smear behind it

Coral Luxury Lip Tint

CAPRICORN: Intrigue & Lip Mask

Capricorns are classy and traditional, much like a nice glass of cabernet. Fortunately, there are better ways to get the wine stained lips without going through a few glasses, unless that’s your jam, in which case we say more power to you because red wine is delicious! Intrigue lets you wear the class of red wine on your lips instead of potentially all over your shirt (no judgement; we’ve all been there).

Capricorns are also great at keeping track of important things and understanding the benefits of routine. Add our rejuvenating Lip Mask to your skincare regimen and let the 3-in-1 treatment (hydrate, soften, firm) work its magic on your beautiful lips.

Lip Mask floating in water

Lip Mask

AQUARIUS: Coral & Lip Serum

If anyone knows how to be in touch with their free spirit, it’s an Aquarius. What better way to stand out and express your nonconformist attitude than to wear our Coral colored lip tint! The iridescent Coral Lip Tint encompasses originality and independence.

Focusing on improving the future is what you do best, so it’s time to make a long-term change for your lip health. Choose to care for your lips for the long haul with a Lip Serum as dedicated as you are.

Asian woman applying Lip Serum

Lip Serum

PISCES: Intrigue & Rose Diamonds

There’s nothing better than a lip tint that can show your true colors and for a Pisces, what more could you want? The full-bodied, deep red creation of Intrigue shows the world your artistic and intuitive nature.

Intrigue lip tint on white background

Intrigue Luxury Lip Tint

Pisces are also comfortable expressing their emotions and could use our relaxing Rose Diamonds Exfoliator after a long day of demonstrating empathy and compassion.