by Angelica M. / Sep 06, 2019


Photo from above of 4 lip tints.

If you're using the Lip Serum to nourish lips or one of the Luxury Lip Tints to add a hint of color or the Luxury Lip Balm to give your lips scrumptious moisture, then you're already doing an amazing job. But have you considered all the other possibilities and ways to use these Henné products? Here are 7 other uses of Henné products that you probably never thought of!

Close-up of Caucasian woman's glossy eyelid.
1. Glossy eyelids, here I come!
Obsessed with the glossy lids look but not sure how to do it? The Luxury Lip Balm is the perfect one for the job. Make sure your hands are clean and simply take some lip balm on your fingertips and gently apply a thick, even layer on both your eyelids. If you put too much, no worries. Simply extend it to your temples for a youthful sheen. Note: If your pores tend to get clogged easily, test this on a small area on the face first, as the lip balm does contain organic coconut oil.

2. Eye shadow x 4
Running out of eyeshadow? Before you rush over to the store only to wait in yet another long line, what if I told you four eye shadow colors are already at your disposal? You might already be familiar with our four Luxury Lip Tints: Azalea, Bare, Coral, and Intrigue. These gorgeous tints can also be used as glimmering eye shadows. Just like the lip balm, you can use clean fingertips to add a touch of subtle color to the eyelids. If you prefer a stronger color, use a clean makeup brush to add more opacity and precision. For a glossy/more opaque look, we recommend Bare or Intrigue. For sparkle and shimmer, we recommend Azalea or Coral.

Mixed race woman with red eyeshadow and red lips.
3. Lush Blushed Cheeks
A bit of color on the cheeks is a quick and easy way to brighten up the complexion. Make sure you have some Luxury Lip Tints handy because rosy-flushed cheeks are right within your reach. Simply add some color from your choice of lip tint color to clean fingertips (or a makeup brush) and dab gently onto the apples of your cheeks. Intrigue is perfect for this task, as well as Bare for those with lighter skin tones.

4. Flake-Free Only, Please
The enemy of perfect red lips: peeling, cracking, or flaking. It's so important that lips are flake-free prior to using any lip tint/lip color to achieve that smooth, even color. Use one of our Lip Exfoliators (my favorite is Rose Diamonds) to get rid of the pesky dead skin on the lips.

Asian woman applying Lip Serum to her lips.
5. Prep, Prep, Primer
If you're anything like me, you want to make sure that color applies as evenly as possible. You're in luck because the Lip Serum acts as the perfect primer! Apply a few layers of Lip Serum on those luscious lips, wait for it to fully absorb, then put on your preferred choice of lip color. Not only will your lips feel softer and smoother, but that pop of color will look so much more put-together and fresh.

6. Layer It On
Similar to the Lip Serum, the Luxury Lip Balm V2 can act as a lip primer for those who want a more faint lip color or for those who have extra dry lips. Apply one to two layers of the V2 and then layer on your favorite Luxury Lip Tint color.

4 makeup smears of lip tint colors on white background.
7. Mix-and-Match
I am an artist: my lips are my canvas and my Luxury Lip Tints are my paint colors. So let's get creative and mix-and-match! I found that if you apply a thin layer of Intrigue and then layer Coral on top, you get a beautiful strawberry tone. Experiment with different combinations of our four lip tints and you'll be pleasantly surprised with all the fun new colors you create!