by Laura X. / 1.14.24

Laura's 2-Minute Anti-Aging Routine

Life has been very different the past 12+ months…in the absolute best possible way. ❤️

family photo of laura, husband, and daughter
As all parents know, when you have a little one in the house, downtime is not exactly something you have a lot of. I can’t tell you how many days where I don’t remember whether I brushed my teeth or not, so I touch my toothbrush to see if it’s damp. Multitasking isn’t optional; it’s a way of life.

When it comes my skincare/lip care regimen, I’ve never had an extremely complicated one, and my makeup routine has always been super simple, but both have become even more streamlined since Stella’s arrival. Gua sha and derma rolling 3x/week? Eeh…sometimes it’s once a week. Other times it’s once a month. Even the Lip Mask (a product which I used religiously pre-Stella) gets put on the back burner most days.

But one product I still always have time for - even on the busiest of days - is the Lip Serum.

Lip Serum bottle lying next to cosmetic box

It takes mere seconds to apply a layer onto my lips, and then I apply face cream + face oil while I let the serum fully absorb into my lips for around 2 minutes. I top it off with a quick swipe of lip balm, and voila! Anti-aging lip care routine complete.

Not only do I love how little time it takes to use the Lip Serum, but it feels good knowing that I’m taking care of and improving my lips every day. Those brief moments of self-care are so important and helpful, especially during the extra challenging days.
I’d love to hear from you! What product (Henné or non-Henné) do you use daily that brightens up your day? Send your reply to <3