by Team Henné <3 / 6.05.22

Why You Shouldn’t Stop Using Face Oils in the Summer

Aah, the pure bliss of summer. Plenty of sunshine, relaxing days at the beach or by the pool, more hours of daylight and the season for some of the yummiest produce (hello honeydew and watermelon).

When it comes to skincare during these hot and humid months, you might wonder: should face oils still be part of the equation? The answer is YES. Face oils provide fantastic benefits to your skin all year round, and some of those benefits are particularly important during warmer, sun-filled months. For example, our Illumine and Serene face oils contain antioxidant-rich ingredients such as elderberry oil and edelweiss extract that help with UV protection and fighting off free radicals. Combine this with a natural sunscreen and your skin will have an even stronger photoprotection.

Another skin perk of using face oils consistently in the summer is that the right face oil can actually help your skin balance its oil (sebum) production. Also, your skin still needs regular moisturization in the summer. Extra sweating might be making your face shinier than usual, but it doesn't actually moisturize your skin. Plus the anti-aging and brightening benefits from oils such as Illumine won’t be able to work their magic if there’s a 3-4 month pause in the year.

While you should definitely keep using face oils throughout the summer, we do have some suggestions on how to tweak the way you use them to best fit the warmer temperatures so you get the most out of your beautiful oils.

Use fewer drops

With the increasing heat and humidity, your skin will likely be less dry, which means you probably don’t need to use as much face oil. If you normally use 4-7 drops of your favorite oil per time during colder months, try using a couple drops less each time in the summer. Your skin will absorb the oil better, and an added bonus is that your face oil will last longer!

Face oil as a moisturizer

Face oil dropper with oil on surface

As long as you live in a more humid climate and don't have dry skin, you might want to consider skipping your normal moisturizer and using only a face oil as a moisturizer instead. Just make sure that the face oil does not contain ingredients that will make your skin more sensitive to sun exposure (e.g. AHAs, retinol, etc). Our pick for the best daytime summer face oil is Serene. It’s lightweight, balancing and non-comedogenic and also blends seamlessly with foundation and sunscreen.

Natural highlighter

Most of us opt for simpler makeup routines in the summer because they take less time and don't require as much upkeep (no one wants thick foundation or eyeshadow running down their face and décolletage). Apply a few drops of a face oil such as Illumine to your fingertips and gently pat onto your eyelids, temples and cheekbones for the most natural looking dewy glow.

Protect those precious oils!

Illumine and Serene Face Oils
This beautiful photo is actually a great example of how NOT to store your face oils ;)

We know that we’ve mentioned this in a past blog post, but in the summer it’s more important than ever to store face oils and skincare products correctly, so having your face oils next to a bright window is a definite no-no. Store them in room temperature, far away from direct sunlight or heat, and be sure to check that the bottles are fully closed after each use.

We've also mentioned this next part before but wanted to do add it again here, as it might be more tempting to do this in the summer. Please don't put your face oils in a skincare fridge or any fridge for that matter. Excessive coldness - just like too much heat - can alter the consistency, color and effectiveness of the formula.

So next time you wake up and see the forecast is 95°F, don’t be deterred by the heat and skimp on the face oil. Instead, stay consistent with your skincare regimen and keep your skin healthy, hydrated and replenished all summer long.