by Rachel W. / Sep 09, 2021


Coffee on ivory blanket

So technically fall hasn’t started yet but since Starbucks already started selling pumpkin spice lattes, I’m calling it. The air is getting crispier, the leaves are getting crunchier and the days are getting shorter. September and October are the perfect months to start welcoming fall festivities. As nature’s magic is happening outside, I like to cozy up inside with some warm socks and a huge slice of pumpkin pie. My favorite part about this time of year is pulling out all of my fall decorations from storage and making my house as cozy as it can be.

Below are some of the ways you can make your home extra cozy and ready for the cooler season ahead.


- Buy a coat rack for all those fall layers.
- Switch your closet from summer to fall clothes - but make sure to leave out some clothes that can be layered for that iffy fall weather .
- Place pumpkin/fall scented candles everywhere.
- Switch out light and summery throw pillows for fluffy or cable knit ones.
- Hang woven baskets on the wall to add some homey texture.
- Switch out hand towels in the bathroom and kitchen to fall-themed colors.
- Don’t hold back on blankets; throw them over chairs, couches and anywhere that could look more cozy.
- Buy decorative gourds and go crazy!
- Use fall scented soaps in the bathroom and kitchen.
- Add vintage details around your home for a rustic feel.
- Place some cozy books on your coffee table.
- Add fall flavors to your cabinets/bar/coffee station.
- Layer area rugs.
- Make dining room seating more comfy by adding seat cushions.
- Fire up the fireplace if you have one.
- Make your front door more inviting by hanging an autumn wreath.
- Cozy up the patio with blankets and throw pillows.
- Change out your summer shades for a heavier and more insulating material.
- Fill window boxes or gardens with seasonal plants and fall flowers. Add copper accents.


- Mason jars with twine wrapped around it - can put a candle in it.
- Small tree branches found outside and wrapped with twine.
- Paint your house number on a big pumpkin and place it on your porch.
- Paint 4 small pumpkins to say ‘FALL’ and stack them on top of one another (one for each letter).
- Find pretty pine cones outside and spray paint them a metallic color and place in a basket.
- Add a bundle of wheat grass to a glass vase and place it in the house.