by Rachel W. / Jul 15, 2021


Map with books and camera on top

You’re probably already familiar with the classic date ideas, but why not take dating to a whole new level and spice things up a bit? Instead of simply grabbing coffee or going to see a movie, try mixing in some new date ideas that you’ve never thought of or have but put on the back burner. You know they say that adrenaline-producing first dates create a better and stronger spark between two people. But this list isn't only for first date. It’s equally important to change it up in a long-term relationship so that you keep that beautiful spark alive.

Okay I’m done with my summer date spiel. Onto the list!

1. Take a class for something new
2. Race each other on a go-kart track
3. Yoga with a twist - hot yoga, naked yoga, boozy yoga
4. Horseback riding
5. Go metal detecting and see what you can find
6. Buy clothes for each other at a consignment shop and go out to dinner wearing them
7. Go rock climbing - inside or outside
8. Take a dance lesson
9. Rent a luxury car and cruise around town in it
10. Make a homemade piñata together and then destroy it
11. Attend a local sports game
12. Play a sport that neither of you are good at
13. Cook each other your favorite meals but keep it a surprise until dinner
14. Use only a compass and a map to find someplace cool
15. Pretend the power is out and use your resources to find something to do
16. Watch a hot air balloon festival or ride in one
17. Have a fancy fast food feast
18. Take a factory or brewery or bakery tour
19. Create a new type of dessert together
20. Rent motorized scooters and zip around town
21. Go to a local fundraising event
22. Go to yard sales and discover some hidden gems
23. Rent a boat (big or small) and go boating together
24. Make a scavenger hunt for the other person to complete
25. Walk through an old cemetery together and tell spooky stories
26. Drive to the state line and stand in two states at the same time
27. Go to your favorite arcade and play some games
28. Take a mini road trip
29. Buy some paint that’s safe for the skin and turn your SO into a literal work of art
30. Go house hunting and check out some houses
31. Stay in and watch a horror movie together and see who screams first
32. Try graffiti - but in a legal spot
33. Rent/buy an instrument and learn to play it together
34. Make a time capsule and bury it
35. Grab some tools and make a DIY project
36. Visit an art museum and make up possible reasons for the artists’ inspirations
37. Go mini golfing for some friendly competition
38. See some live standup comedy
39. Go axe throwing with another couple (don’t go angry :P)
40. Do some pub trivia
41. Explore a local national or state park
42. Buy coloring books and have a relaxing afternoon of coloring
43. Buy the hardest puzzle you can find and complete it
44. Visit your favorite animals at the zoo
45. Pack a picnic and go cloud watching
46. Pick up trash and litter wherever your town needs it
47. Write songs for each other & perform them
48. Try going to an escape room
49. Listen to a local band perform
50. Volunteer somewhere together
51. Plan the perfect dream vacation
52. Tye-dye t-shirts for each other
53. Go to the nearest airport and watch the planes take off
54. Start learning a random language that neither of you speak
55. Make kites and try to fly them
56. Go to a local auction together
57. Make up your own card game and play it
58. Record your own podcast together without planning
59. Visit a trampoline park and jump around
60. Go to a karaoke night
61. Go stargazing