by Angelica M. / Nov 11, 2019


Woman's hand reaching for hand cream on marble surface.

First non-lip product? You heard that right! We've officially launched two incredible Luxury Hand Creams: Blomma and Citrus.

Ordinary to Extraordinary
When we launched our first Henné product in 2015 (the Luxury Lip Balm), we wanted to take something ordinary and make it extraordinary. Revisiting the core of our brand, we're striving to make that transformation again. We've come full circle with finding luxury in lip care to now launching our very first Luxury Hand Cream. Hand cream doesn't usually steal the spotlight in the beauty world, but we're putting it front and center! Experience the ordinary in extraordinary ways.
White background product photo of Citrus hand cream.
White background product photo of Blomma hand cream.
Nurture Your Hands
Although the switch may seem like a big jump, we chose to extend our brand to hand care for the same reasons we started with lip care. Hands and lips are areas that oftentimes show the earliest signs of aging, but unfortunately they are often forgotten and neglected. Frequently washing your hands throughout the day is necessary to keep them clean and bacteria-free, but it also strips away moisture from the skin. This is why using a hand cream regularly is so crucial. And with the chilly winter coming up, taking care of your hands is a 100% absolute must! We don't want to be holding that cappuccino or hot cocoa with dry, cracked hands, now do we?

Goodbye Grease!
So how does this Luxury Hand Cream feel like? Think lightweight, nourishing, and fast absorbing. In this digital day, your hands do a lot of work, from typing on your laptop to using your phone to reaching for your Luxury Lip Tints; the last thing you want is grease marks everywhere. This light, non-greasy hand cream is perfect for modern life, keeping your hands moisturized daily so you can focus on the bigger and important tasks at hand (sorry; I'm so punny).

Woman's hand with smear of hand cream and holding bottle.
Portable Plastic
Although we used a heavier metal packaging with our lip products, we shifted to a lighter plastic to package the Luxury Hand Cream. But don't worry, it's sustainably sourced and BPA free! Why the shift, you ask? We wanted this hand cream to be convenient, portable, and perfect for on-the-go. The ultra-light plastic makes that convenience possible. Throw one in your car on the way to work, put one in your pocket one the way to the gym, or place one in your crossbody bag for a night out. Wherever you go, the Luxury Hand Cream wants to come with!

Delightful, Can't-Get-Enough Scents
Blomma and Citrus. Two equally delectable scents.
Blomma was our way of once again paying homage to the brand's Swedish roots. "Blomma" in Swedish means flower, bloom, and blossom, which is perfect for the fragrance we wanted to capture. In Blomma, you'll catch a whiff of rose, geranium, and the Linneae borealis flower (also known as the Twinflower), which is well-known in Sweden. The other scent is Citrus, with a refreshing aroma that is tart but also has a pleasant hint of sweetness. Both are delightful and ever so lovely. You can't go wrong with either one!

Hand cream lifestyle shot with roses.
Ultra moisturizing ingredients
The Luxury Hand Creams contain deeply nourishing ingredients such as organic shea butter, organic argan oil, and organic apricot kernel oil. Shea butter's high levels of fatty acids and plant sterols are just a couple reasons why this butter is so amazing at smoothening, softening, and strengthening the skin. Argan oil has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help act as a protective barrier for the skin. Apricot kernel oil is both wonderfully hydrating oil and as a carrier oil, it helps the hand cream absorb quickly into the skin.

Sliced and unsliced apricots on gray surface.
Needless to say, we are over the moon about the Henné newness, and we truly can't wait for you to experience the magic that is our Luxury Hand Creams!