by Rachel W. / Jul 07, 2021


rosehips on a branch

Wild roses are known and grown for their beauty and fragrance. You’ll find them growing anywhere between the lowlands and the mountains throughout Europe. Not only do we love the elegant flowers that bloom from these bushes, but we also get to reap the benefits of rosehips that grow directly below the flower.

Rosehips are commonly enjoyed in herbal teas, jams, and even some yummy wines. It’s very popular in Sweden to use these sweet yet tart fruits in rosehip soup, called “nyponsoppa.”

They're not just reserved for delicious foods though. Rosehip seed oil is a crucial ingredient in skincare and lip care. The bright red and orange colors of rosehip give the oil its gorgeous hue. Rosehip oil is rich with antioxidants such as Vitamin A and C that help deliver incredible anti-aging benefits. Vitamin C has also been shown to improve skin and lips damaged by free radicals due to too much sun exposure.

With its anti-inflammatory properties, this stunning oil helps fight fine lines and dryness of the lips and reduces redness. High levels of hydrating fatty acids can also be found in rosehip oil, delivering soothing effects. Rosehip oil is even gentle enough to be used on most skin types so you don’t have to go far when searching for natural ingredients that can improve the overall texture and appearance of your lips.