by Rachel W. / Jul 08, 2021


disney princesses
Photo cred: Clip Art Library
Ever wonder what Henné lippie your favorite Disney princess would wear? Keep scrolling to find out (left to right according to pic above)!


Jasmine is a kind, caring, and strong princess who has no tolerance for anyone who dares to belittle her. Muse fits Jasmine well because she is feisty and demands to be respected and heard. Instead of sitting idly by like everyone expects of a princess, Jasmine gains her independence and proves herself to be a very capable ruler of Agrabah. And there's no better color to rule in than the regal Muse.


The “fairest of them all” deserves to be wearing Desire. Snow White is pure and compassionate but can also be playful and sassy at times, just like the bold color of Desire. Though she is usually gentle and sweet, Snow White also expresses the authoritative nature of a mother when it comes to helping out the 7 dwarfs.


Mulan is a free-spirited individual who defies rules and norms. She has a warm heart and wants to uphold her family’s honor. She decides to become a warrior but in order to fight in the Emperor’s army, she must disguise herself as a man. She’s the epitome of courage and strength and should use V2 because even warriors need to take care of their lips.


Sleeping Beauty’s personality encompasses the pink color of our Azalea lip tint. Although slightly shy, Aurora is very playful and carefree. She is an elegant, loving and gentle princess who loves love more than anything else.


Cinderella is full of optimism and faith that wishes will come true if you keep on believing. She would pair best with Bare because while she enjoys a royal ball, she's the happiest when out in nature or spending time with her animal friends. This neutral lip expresses simplicity but can also be worn to the most elegant event.


As a noble and free-spirited individual, Pocahontas is the perfect princess to rock a classic and mysterious lip tint like Intrigue. Pocahontas’ name literally means "Little Mischief.” The dark composition of Intrigue shows her wisdom and maturity. She is definitely someone to look up to because of her kindness and the guidance she offers to everyone around her.


Tiana is a well rounded princess, possessing qualities like passion and ambition. Blissful is a great lip tint for Tiana because it exemplifies the balance and diversity in her life. She's laser focused on opening her own restaurant and will do everything to make that happen. She also learns and embraces that there are plenty of other things in life that should be celebrated as well, which beautifully embodies the mood of Blissful.


Belle is superior to those around her, not only for her elevated vocabulary or active imagination but also because of her ability to look beyond physical appearance and focus on what’s on the inside. A confident and outspoken woman, like Belle, should be wearing Sunlit to demonstrate her bright and sunny outlook.


Our Coral lip tint fits Ariel nicely because well, she does live under the sea alongside actual coral but also because of her passion for adventure and exploration. The bright color of this lip tint mirrors Ariel's bright and spirited personality. She's an independent and strong-willed mermaid determined to experience life on land.