by Rachel W. / Jun 03, 2021


Red cocktails with blackberries around them
Photo cred: K. Daniels
1. Go for a bike ride
2. Spend a relaxing day at the beach
3. Swim in a pool
4. Go to a county fair
5. Kayaking or paddle boarding 
6. Camping on the beach
7. Eat ice cream
8. Swim in a lake
9. Take your dog (or cat!) on a walk in the park
10. Buy fresh foods at your local farmers market
11. Grill out with friends
12. Waterpark
13. Go to drive in movie
14. Play mini golf
15. Visit a cool new waterfall
16. Plant (sun)flowers in your garden
17. Live music/outdoor concert
18. Make some yummy summer drinks
19. Make homemade lemonade (stand?)
20. Drink loads of water
21. Find a cool place to hang a hammock
22. Go on a long hike
23. Pick berries and fresh fruit
24. Have a bonfire and make s’mores
25. Stargaze
26. Visit an aquarium
27. Catch fireflies
28. Watch fireworks
29. Have a picnic at the park
30. Fly a kite
31. Watch as many sunsets as you can
32. Sunrise yoga at the beach
33. Read a book series
34. Try a new sport
35. Go boating
36. Sing the night away at karaoke
37. Journal about your summer to remember
38. Game nights with friends
39. Go karting
40. Road trip to a city or state/province you’ve never been
41. Walk around a botanical garden
42. Make a summer scrapbook
43. Build a bird house
44. Get bitten by mosquitos :P
45. Try a new fashion trend
46. Have a spa day
47. Go see a movie in the theater to get out of the sun
48. Give your dog/cat/rabbit/goldfish the best day ever
49. Take a pottery class
50. Eat fresh fruit
51. Watch a meteor shower
52. Visit a garage sale or flea market
53. Make a summer playlist
54. Go through all of your clothes and donate what you don’t wear
55. Make some popsicles (booze is optional but always welcome)
56. Go night swimming
57. Attend a local baseball game
58. Do some volunteer work
59. Make a new friend(s)
60. Bake cookies for your neighbors
61. Wash your car
62. Eat at a restaurant that you've never tried before
63. Have a movie marathon
64. Try fun DIY projects
65. Go to a trampoline park
66. Start a book club
67. Learn a new skill or party trick
68. Learn how to bake something from scratch
69. Tye dye something white
70. Find a rope swing
71. Ride a ferris wheel
72. Be a tourist in your own city
73. Ride a hot air balloon
74. Wine tasting
75. Go river rafting
76. Do a random act of kindness
77. Brew your own beer
78. Go bowling
79. Learn to surf
80. Get a new hairstyle