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The Happiness Report (1.31.24)

The Cat Distribution System: Newlyweds Adopt Kitten Who Crashes Wedding Ceremony

In the enchanting realm of weddings, where love takes center stage, there are moments that add an unexpected touch of magic to the celebration. Imagine the joy when a couple's outdoor wedding ceremony is unexpectedly graced by a furry friend – a playful kitten who decided to crash the festivities and, in turn, captured the hearts of everyone present.

The delightful scene unfolded when a newlywed couple was exchanging vows amidst the beauty of the great outdoors.

In the video, a member of the wedding party can be seen telling to the bride, "A cat is meowing."

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Source: Sunny Skyz

What Love Looks Like: Teen Gets Creative So Disabled Brother Can Join In On Sledding Fun.

When this disabled boy wasn’t able to go sledding his big brother got to work on a solution! Using different objects, he managed to put together a special seat that would give his sibling enough support for him to use the sled comfortably. Thanks to the young man’s invention, his little brother got to have the best snow day ever! Their mom was so proud, she shared a video of the clever contraption on TikTok.

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Former teacher shares why she still cherishes student's simple gift

Ten years ago, Heather Benoit received a purple crayon, her favorite color, as a gift from a former student. To this day, she says it's one of the most impactful gifts she's ever received.

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Source: GMA

Woman’s stair renovation reveal is unexpectedly bringing people to tears

A woman is sharing a video explaining how she refinished her stairs, and people are not prepared for the emotions that come with the big reno reveal.

The video from Shari Blivin on TikTok starts off like an average home improvement video, panning up a wooden staircase that has some clear wear and tear as she explains how badly the steps needed refinishing. Several of the steps have partially worn-away finish, but one step looks particularly weathered.

That step, she explains, was the Blivin's dog's favorite spot, and suddenly this average home reno video takes a tear-jerking turn.

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Source: Upworthy

Embrace the learning curve: how to get through the ‘I suck at this and want to quit’ phase

Amid the bustle of New Year’s resolutions, as you embark on a new workout program or dive into a novel activity, remember this: “New year, new you” does not mean a complete overhaul. You’re still the same wonderful person stepping into something new. Allow yourself the grace to maintain your worth regardless of the immediate outcome. Consider this new experience a treat—an opportunity for personal development and enjoyment.

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Source: The Optimist Daily