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The Happiness Report (1.24.24)

'He Didn't Give Me A Name': Amazon Driver Shovels Snow For Man In Wheelchair

An Amazon delivery driver went above and beyond his duties to shovel a snow-covered driveway for Don Wheeler, a man who has been in a wheelchair for two decades.

For Wheeler, shoveling snow is a time-consuming task that can take hours, if not days, given his wheelchair-bound condition. He shared the struggles of trying to manage this task, especially when on disability. Calling a company for assistance is often financially daunting for someone on a fixed income.

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Kid Writes Letter To Company With A Special Request — Company’s Response Is Just Perfect!

When a kid wrote a letter to a toy company requesting they create a stuffed animal based on his favorite animal, they heard his plea.

Clark Neily is all grown up now. But as a second grader, he was obsessed with aardvarks. In a tweet, he explained that he wrote a report about them for school, and the research got him hooked. One day he went into a store and saw some stuffed animals created by a company called Possum Trot. And he was disappointed that there were no aardvarks available.

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How do I make friends as an adult? Friendship expert shares 4 invaluable tips

Danielle Bayard Jackson, aka @thefrienshipexpert, shares tips on how to socialize your interests, become a regular, find "super connectors" and bond with new people.

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100-Year-Old Walks Around Garden 40,000 Times To Raise Money for Charity

A 100-year-old Second World War veteran has walked hundreds of miles around his garden to raise money for charity—but no, you didn’t stumble upon a four-year-old news story.

Lance Corporal Harold Jones laps his back garden 30 times every day no matter the weather, and has been doing so since 2020, as he was inspired by the worldwide media sensation of the late Captain Tom, who announced on social media he was doing the same thing in the early days of the pandemic in 2020.

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This Dog Has Demanded To Surf Since He Was A Baby

Puppy does the cutest dance to beg his dad to go surfing — and then he learns to kite surf!

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