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The Happiness Report (1.17.24)

'Dead' Man Jolted Back to Life by the Intolerable Bumps of India's Potholes

They breed anger and derision; they cause annoyance, discomfort, and even expensive repairs, but India’s famous potholes actually saved a life on Friday.

The ‘late’ Darshan Singh Brar was being transported to the Indian version of a wake after his untimely death from a chest infection at the age of 80.

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Source: Good News Network

'A Big Ol Blubbering Mess': Navy Veteran Tears Up Reading Comments After Café Shares His Story Online

In Pensacola, a heartwarming story has emerged about a devoted US Navy veteran known as Mr. Lee, whose daily ritual at the Scenic 90 Cafe has captured the community's admiration.

Having served in the US Navy for over three decades, Mr. Lee, now in his late 80s, starts each morning with a visit to the local diner for breakfast. Kelli Gomez, a server at the café, has been attending to Mr. Lee for at least a year and shared that he enjoys sitting at the counter, regaling the staff with stories about his life, especially memories involving his wife and children.

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Source: Sunny Skyz

Woman Gets Seated Next To An Infant On Their First Flight — And It Goes Way Better Than You’d Expect!

A stranger did the sweetest thing for a baby on her flight, and the whole world is giving her praise for it.

A little girl named Romey took her very first flight recently, and she was lucky enough to sit next to a woman named Meegan Rubin, who was passing the time knitting.

Romey was enthralled with Meegan’s handiwork and intently watched her weave the yarn into a beautiful craft. So when the plane lulled the baby to sleep, Meegan decided to knit her a keepsake.

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Source: Inspire More

Special School Bus Picks Up Neighborhood Dogs And Brings Them To The Park Each Day

In Calgary, Alberta, Canada, it’s not unusual to see yellow buses shuttling children to and from school each day. But there’s one bus unlike any other that’s grabbing everyone’s attention.

Instead of being filled with energetic children, the powder-blue Ruff and Puff bus carries excited dogs to the park most mornings — and its fluffy passengers can’t wait to jump in for a ride every time.

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Source: The Dodo

5 foods that may help you stay positive and get a 'mood boost'

Run down, depressed, or trying to stay positive?

Don’t reach for a tub of ice cream or a big bag of chips. There’s growing evidence that you can boost your mood with food, but it has to be the right food.

Diet decisions that improve the rest of the body may also improve the brain’s outlook on the world.

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Source: GMA