by Team Henné <3 / 1.10.24

The Happiness Report (1.10.24)

Adult grandkids surprise grandparents with sleepovers in viral trend

Across TikTok, a viral trend has captured the hearts of social media users with video clips of adult or teenage grandchildren surprising their grandparents with unexpected sleepovers.

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Source: GMA

Man Finds Lost Purse, Delivers it and Has Lovely Chat With Owner Through Her Ring Cam

An Englishwoman’s ring camera captured a beautiful interaction between her and a stranger who had stopped by on the fly to return a lost purse.

The woman, Georgia Girelli, was “literally crying” her eyes out over the missing bag—probably imagining the interminable amount of paperwork and security checks she would have to do to replace the bank cards, driver’s license, and any other identity documents therein.

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Source: Good News Network

Parents' Heartwarming Reaction To Baby's First Steps Goes Viral

When it comes to parenting, few moments can compare to the sheer joy and wonder of witnessing your first baby take their first steps.

Recently, a heartwarming video has been making waves on social media, capturing the magical moment when a little one took those inaugural steps, and the parents' reaction is nothing short of wholesome.

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Source: Sunny Skyz

Meet The Record-Breaking Woman Who Walks Over Canyons On Nothing But A Rope.

The first time Faith Dickey set foot on a highline she was, justifiably, terrified.

A highline is a tight cable stretched between two anchors. In between, a walker must balance on the 2-inch wide wire over great heights. And when we say great, we really mean it!

Highlining is more than just a physical pursuit – it’s a huge mental challenge as well. But once participants overcome their fear, the process of putting one foot in front of the other becomes a meditative experience for many of these accomplished athletes.

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Source: Inspire More

Woman Is Best Friends With A 9-Foot Lemon Shark

Woman is best friends with a 9-foot shark who acts like a big golden retriever – wait until she meets a shark who is the pittie of the sea.

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Source: The Dodo