by Team Henné <3 / 11.12.23

Your Nightfall Questions, Answered.

Our Peptide Face Cream and Nightfall lip tint are starting to reach the hands of Henné customers, and we are so grateful for all the wonderful feedback so far!

We’ve also received a few common questions about Nightfall, so we want to share the answers to them below:

What is the color payoff like?

Nightfall has a similar color payoff to our more pigmented shades, such as Intrigue and Muse, whereas it is definitely stronger than some of our slightly sheerer shades (Azalea, Coral).

Is Nightfall a warm or cool toned shade?

We would actually describe Nightfall as more of a neutral tone, but a lot of this will depend on your natural lip color. We’d highly recommend checking out the model photos (top of page) and swatch photo (bottom of page) on our website for a better idea.

How does it compare to Intrigue and Muse?

Nightfall is darker than both Intrigue (warm brick red) and Muse (berry mauve). It’s a touch cooler than Intrigue but warmer than Muse.

Is Nightfall similar to Clinique's Black Honey?

Our team has not personally tried Black Honey, so we can’t guarantee that Nightfall is the same color, but based on a quick Google photo search, Nightfall and Black Honey look to be similar shades. One thing we can guarantee though is that our Henné tints are far more natural.

If you do love the Black Honey color and want to find a clean beauty swap, we’d recommend first purchasing a sample of Nightfall so you can test it out and compare before getting a full size one. Simply click the SAMPLE IT button on the Nightfall product page.

Hopefully the answers will help you decide if Nightfall is the right shade for you. Have additional questions? Simply send an email to and we’ll be happy to answer them. You also have the option to chat with us on our website most weekdays from 9AM - 5 PM (EST).