by Team Henné <3 / 11.8.23

The Happiness Report (11.8.23)

Mom brought to tears over notes of encouragement in airport nursing room from other moms

Being a new mom can be a scary time because everything is new to you and your baby. But when you're nursing it can be a lonely time as well since so many times it can be physically isolating, especially if you're not comfortable nursing in front of others. Sometimes the need to find a private place to nurse is because your baby is easily distracted.

This can make any mom feel alone in her struggle but in Pittsburgh International Airport, moms are pitching in to remind others that they're part of a larger community. Jenna Dillulio is a mom of a toddler who also happens to have anxiety around flying who was flying solo with her toddler daughter to Pittsburgh.

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Firefighter Goes Above And Beyond To Make Kid's Day

In the world of heroes, firefighters stand out as real-life superheroes who consistently go the extra mile to save lives and protect our communities. But sometimes, their acts of heroism extend beyond battling flames and saving the day.

Today, we bring you a heartwarming story of a firefighter who went above and beyond to make a child's day, leaving an indelible mark on both their hearts.

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When Stranger Gives Her Gas Money, This Woman Pays It Forward Immediately

With rising gas prices, filling the tank can be a traumatic experience, especially for people with larger vehicles. Prices seem relatively steady at the moment, but filling a tank is still a costly venture. The price at the pump depends on where you live. You might pay between $3.00 per gallon in the Midwest and as much as $6.00 per gallon in California. When a young woman named Maddie filled her tank in Los Angeles recently, she could only afford $35.00 worth of gas.

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Soldier surprises little brother after 3 years away

Jacob had been stationed overseas for three years while serving in the military. He returned to see his younger brother Tristan, surprising him in the sweetest way.

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Horse Is Smaller Than His Golden Retriever Siblings

Horse who's smaller than his golden retriever siblings loves to give them kisses.

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