by Team Henné <3 / 11.1.23

The Happiness Report (11.1.23)

4-year-old's 'sweet and sour' revelation is a solid piece of wisdom, even for adults

Out of the mouths of babes comes the greatest wisdom sometimes.

Kids are brand new at this whole being a human thing, and they often vocalize what they're learning as they go. This is especially true at age 4, when they're really getting the hang of asking questions and talking about their thoughts and feelings. Sometimes the things they say are surprisingly profound, and hearing sage life advice from a preschooler is always an unexpected treat.

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Local Car Community Comes Together in Two Days to Form Parade of 83 Drivers for Stranger's Birthday

A devoted single mom was looking for a budget friendly way to give her son a special birthday—so she reached out on Facebook to the local car community and their response left her speechless.

Mikayla Freeman was hoping to urge a few motor enthusiasts to form ‘a car parade’ down their street near Nashville.

“My son’s 8th birthday is Sunday, he’s a MAJOR car guy,” she wrote.

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High School Running Back Inspires Millions When He Signs National Anthem.

On the football field, #32 is a player you wouldn’t want to go toe-to-toe against, but off the field, he’s all heart.

Jonathan Edwards of Kuna, Idaho, spent his fall focusing on dominating his opponents on the football field, leading his team at Kuna High School through an undefeated season and onto the Southern Idaho Conference, nabbing the first win in school history. Yet his actions before a game a month ago are what have put him at the center of a story that’s inspiring millions nationwide.

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Sisters get creative for Halloween with their scream-worthy roller coaster costume

Two sisters from Georgia win the fancy dress competition at work dressed up as roller coaster riders.

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Hero Dog Swims Through Flood Waters To Rescue Stranded Sheep

A heroic sheepdog became the beacon of hope for three stranded ewes as it swam across treacherous flooded fields to guide them to safety.

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