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The Happiness Report (10.18.23)

Woman surprises grandma with heartwarming 'bun in the oven' pregnancy reveal

When Shelby Hoefling found out she was pregnant, she knew there was one person she needed to tell: her best friend and grandmother Patricia Hoefling.

"She lives two hours away from me so I went and visited her the next day," the Baltimore resident recounted to "Good Morning America." "I knew that I wanted to do something."

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Source: GMA

Homeless Man Reconnects With Stranger Who Gave Him $500: “I’ve Been Doing Good.”

We don’t usually get to find out how our kindness impacts the lives of strangers. However, one man recently learned that his generosity made a big difference! A heartwarming video shared on Reddit shows Peter Bond running into a homeless man named Raymond that he’d once given $500. Raymond immediately recognized the other person, even remembering his name.

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Mom and Daughter Reunite With Nurse Who Saved Their Lives 30 Years Ago-Now as Co-Workers

30 years and a continent separated Catherine Conteh, her daughter Regina, and a nurse named Aly who was visiting their home in Sierra Leone and saved her life by funding an emergency surgery.

Regina wasn’t born on the day of that fateful meeting, technically, because Catherine was dying after four days in labor. Unable to afford a Caesarean section, that might have been the end if not for Aly Hogarth-Hall, then in her 20s, who was visiting the hospital from a nearby charity.

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Source: Good News Network

Amazon Delivery Driver Went The Extra Mile For Teen's Big Night

A random act of kindness involving an Amazon driver has gone viral. The driver was making the rounds when he saw a teen was having trouble with his tie.

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Marathon Runner Drops Everything After Spotting A Kitten In Need Of Rescue

This past Sunday, hundreds of people joined together to race in the Chicago Marathon. Among them was Sarah Bohan, running to benefit PAWS Chicago, a local animal rescue nonprofit.

But that day, Bohan did more than just raise funds for pets in need.

She actually saved a furry life.

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Source: The Dodo