by Team Henné <3 / 9.13.23

The Happiness Report (9.13.23)

Every Year On The Night Before His Daughter's Birthday He Blows Up Hundreds Of Balloons

For almost a decade now, this dad has blown up hundreds of balloons on the night before his daughter's birthday.

Then he fills the hallway outside of her bedroom with the balloons.

The reason?

Just so he can experience that magical moment when she wakes up.

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High school cross-country runners help fallen competitor cross finish line

Cooper Erickson and Ethan Olds of Stevens Point Area Senior High in Wisconsin showed incredible sportsmanship when they stopped to help a competitor from a rival school who fell during a race.

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Source: GMA

“Don’t Say Goodbye!” 94 And 90-Yr-Old Sisters Share A Tearful Reunion That May Be Their Last.

No matter how much time passes, the ones we love are always with us in our hearts. This is something 94-year-old Barbara Carolan and her 90-year-old sister, Shirley, understand perfectly. Even though Barbara lives in New Hampshire and Shirley lives in Nevada, they couldn’t be closer. But when the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020, suddenly, the two of them weren’t able to visit each other.

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Minnesota Teens Hook Wallet Full of Cash on a Lake Then Return it to Iowa Farmer

This summer Connor Halsa reeled in the fishing story of a lifetime when he went searching for walleye and got a wallet.

Inside there was $2,000 cash, wet and soggy, but nonetheless cold and metaphorically hard. Still, Connor and his dad agreed immediately they needed to find the owner.

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Source: Good News Network

Dog repeatedly escapes Up North shelter, sneaks into nursing home

He’d had enough of being at the animal shelter, so Scout the dog climbed over one tall fence and then another, crossed a busy highway in the darkness, entered the automatic doors of a nursing home down the road, walked unnoticed into the lobby, hopped onto a couch, curled into a ball and quietly went to sleep for the night.

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Source: Detroit Free Press