by Team Henné <3 / 8.30.23

The Happiness Report (8.30.23)

Woman's Small Act Of Kindness Saves A Homeless Man's Life

In a heartwarming incident that highlights the power of compassion and human connection, a woman's selfless act of kindness saved the life of a struggling homeless man.

Casey Fischer was in between classes when she stopped at Dunkin Donuts for a coffee. That's where she spotted the homeless man picking up change on the side of the road.

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Source: Sunny Skyz

At studio ‘t Rondeel, artists with a ‘disability’ create the most beautiful drawings and paintings

At the Dutch Studio ‘t Rondeel, artists with a ‘disability’ create the most beautiful drawings and paintings. In a picturesque village in the Netherlands lies a special studio with talented artists. Here, they create the most beautiful and unique paintings.

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Source: BrightVibes

“You’re Making Me Cry At Work!” Barista Gets The Best News Ever While Taking An Order

There’s never a bad time to get amazing, life-altering news! In one of the sweetest videos we’ve seen in ages, a mom goes through the drive-thru of her local Starbucks to spread some joy. It turns out that her daughter Emily is working the drive-thru that day, so she pulls up and starts rattling off a long, rather complicated latte order. Suddenly, she slips in some incredible news:

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106-year-old throws first pitch at baseball game

Arthur Green, who served in WWII and the Korean War, threw out the first pitch at the Baltimore Orioles game Friday night against the Colorado Rockies.

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Source: GMA

Very Good Girl Predicts Human Mom’s Fainting Spell During Playtime

Service dogs can tell when their help is needed — sometimes, even before their humans do! A woman on Instagram shared a story about a time that her golden retriever, Sparrow, was able to predict a fainting spell. 

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