by Team Henné <3 / 8.16.23

The Happiness Report (8.16.23)

Senior Finds Love and Connection Greeting People at Walmart After Husband Dies: 'Working is beautiful therapy'

In colorful clogs and a blue hat to match her Walmart team vest, 86-year-old Mary Ruth Robinson is a greeter at the Carrollton, Kentucky location.

But to the people shopping there, she is so much more: an infectious personality with the power to turn around anyone’s day. The automatic doors are like the portico of a cathedral of kindness, with Mary Ruth as the pastor.

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Source: Good News Network

6-year-old who beat cancer gets special announcement on flight home

Jessa Love was on her way home from a Make-A-Wish Foundation trip to Walt Disney World when a flight attendant made a special announcement.

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Police Officer Mows Lawn For Elderly Resident Amid Heat Wave

Amidst a sweltering heatwave that has gripped Wadesboro in recent days, Lieutenant Steven Kelly of the Wadesboro Police Department demonstrated true dedication to his community.

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“Deployed” Dad Joins Daughter’s Class On Zoom — Seconds Later He Walks In The Room!

Charlie couldn’t be more proud of her military dad, Sergeant Seth Wiggins. That’s why, when given the opportunity at school, she chose to give a presentation about Seth and his life in the military. Because Seth was overseas, he decided he’d watch Charlie give the presentation over a Zoom call. At least that’s what Charlie thought their plan entailed.

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Dog Rides On His Dad's Motorcycle Through All 50 States

Senior dog and his dad have spent a decade motorcycling through 49 states — but nothing prepared them for number 50.

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