by Team Henné <3 / 5.16.23

The Happiness Report (5.16.23)

2-Yr-Old Uses Positive Affirmations To Calm Down And It’s Just Plain Adorable

One of the hardest parts of being a parent is teaching kids to calm themselves when things go wrong. Shelbee Haderer of McCloud, Oklahoma has a great method for helping her 2-year-old, Brilee, soothe herself, and a video of their positive affirmations went viral.

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High School Math Teacher Named 2023 Teacher of the Year For Her 'One Good Thing' Classroom Ritual

Rebecka Peterson can add ‘Teacher of the Year’ to her ongoing classroom ritual of naming one good thing that happened each day.

The Tulsa, Oklahoma math teacher brightens every day with a love for her students and a steadfast determination to show the joy that can exist in a classroom.

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“Too Affectionate?” Never! Shelter Helps Friendly Cat Find Purrfect Family To Love

Cat owners typically understand that being shown love and attention by your cat is a special priviledge.

Cats are known for being a tad more aloof than, say, dogs, which is totally part of their charm. They may be choosy with their affection, but being loved by a feline friend is so rewarding. Apparently, not everybody feels that way, however. Take it from Jerry, a black and white kitty who was surrendered to a shelter for being “too affectionate.”

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Two University of Alabama graduates prove age is just a number

16-year-old LeAnna Roberts and 77-year-old Elaine Smith are graduating with honors!

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Maryland Mom Opens Smoothie Shop That Offers Jobs To People With Special Needs

When a Maryland mother couldn't find an inclusive space for her boys with special needs, she decided to create one of her own.

After 15 years as a real estate agent, Monique Sotomarino opened That Smoothie Place to give jobs and internships to anyone with special needs.

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