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The Happiness Report (5.9.23)

Bridesmaid Gets Way More Than Flowers During Bride’s Bouquet Toss Surprise.

The bouquet toss is a time honored wedding day tradition. Normally the bride stands with her back to a crowd of eager single ladies and tosses the bouquet blindly into the group. Whichever lucky wedding guest catches the flowers is said to be the next to tie the knot.

In the video above, the bride put her own twist on the ceremony.

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Formerly Homeless Hero Stops Runaway Baby Stroller Moments Before it Rolls into Traffic

In the town of Hesperia, California, a great aunt watched helplessly as a baby stroller was carried by a gust of wind toward a busy street.

It was then that a good samaritan loitering outside a car wash named Ron Nessman reacted quickly to avert the disaster—all the while his heroics were being captured by a surveillance camera from the car wash.

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Elderly couple delights onlookers by dancing together in town square

"They're so happy!" onlookers exclaimed as they watched the elderly couple twirl and spin with a band playing at a town square in Greater Manchester.

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94-Year-Old Grandpa Shares The Sweetest Routine With His Neighbor's Dogs

Meet Charlie and Doug — a pair of adorable dogs who live in South Carolina. Each day, the pups bring a smile to the faces of their owners, Kimberly Hansberry Shelton and her family.

But the joy these friendly pups bring doesn’t end with family alone.

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This mom posted about wanting to find friends for her 24-year-old son with Down syndrome. The overwhelming support shocked her

Christian Bowers, now 24, had many friends in high school, but after graduating five years ago, it's been hard to find good friends. Christian has Down syndrome, and his mom, Donna Herter, said his lack of friends was making him feel depressed.

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Couple transforms rundown laundromat into community hub with free laundry days

Jon and Erin Carpenter said they never expected to own a laundromat business, but all of that changed when they embarked on a cross-country road trip during the coronavirus pandemic.

"We bought an RV and traveled and worked remotely for four months," Erin Carpenter told " Good Morning America ." "We took this RV trip and that's where laundromats came in."

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Surfer Meets An Adorable Baby Sea Lion

A man was surfing on San Cristóbal Island, Galapagos Islands, when he accidentally stumbled across this adorable baby sea lion.

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