by Team Henné <3 / 5.2.23

The Happiness Report (5.2.23)

Grieving Grandma Is Overjoyed When Grandkids Surprise Her With Puppy

This grandma recently lost her fur baby. So, her daughter and grandkids decided to surprise her with a puppy.

"Her heart has been broke since," Sarah said about her mom. "My babies have felt her heartache and cried every day worried about her and not wanting her to be lonely at her home."

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Source: Sunny Skyz

15 Pictures Of Flowers Covering California So Thoroughly They're Visible From Space

What’s better than a field full of brightly-colored wildflowers? How about miles and miles of them, spanning the state of California?

After a difficult winter of wild weather and record flooding, the Golden State is experiencing an incredible superbloom like none other. The naturally-occurring phenomenon is on display from one end of the state to the other, drawing tourists, influencers, and nature-lovers from near and far.

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'Hero' 13-Year-old Grabs Steering Wheel and Stops School Bus After Driver Passes Out

A 7th grader in Warren, Michigan is being hailed as a hero after his quick thinking averted a disaster aboard a school bus.

Lois E. Carter Middle Schooler Dillon Reeves hurried to grab the steering wheel and slam on the brakes as the bus was veering towards oncoming traffic, moments after the bus driver began feeling light-headed and lost consciousness.

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Source: Good News Network

Beloved Cat's Gravestone Tells The Most Heartwarming Story You'll Ever Hear

Nestled in the grass at Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park in Calabasas, California, is the gravestone for a cat named Room 8. It may seem like a regular grave marker at first glance, but if you read what’s written there, you’ll quickly realize that this cat has an extraordinary story.

One morning in 1952, a cat wandered into a classroom at Elysian Heights Elementary School in Echo Park, California.

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Source: The Dodo

Construction workers take time out of their day to let a toddler be part of the job

There are many reasons why toddlers are fascinated by construction workers and their equipment. The loud noises, flashing lights, and sheer size of these machines can be both exciting and intimidating, which creates a sense of wonder and curiosity.

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