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The Happiness Report (4.25.23)

When Teen Can’t Afford Dream Dress, Prom Date Learns To Sew And Makes It For Her

Finding the perfect dress is a big part of what makes prom night so magical.

A few months before her school’s dance, Pendleton Heights senior Addi Rust fell in love with a beautiful gown. Then she saw the price tag. There was no way the Indiana teen could afford it. She’d have to make do with something else. Lucky for her, she had an incredibly talented best friend.

After conceding her dream dress was too expensive, Addi jokingly suggested that her friend and prom date, Parker Smith, should make her one instead.

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NICU Nurse Adopts 14-Year-Old Teen Patient With Triplets, To Keep Their Family Together

Sometimes there are no limits to what a person will do for their family, and in the case of a NICU nurse that was true, seemingly, for one of her patients as well.

Nurse Katrina Mullen cared for a 14-year-old teen mom of premature triplets, named Shariya Small, and feared that the three babies would all be sent into foster care based on Small’s economic and familial situation.

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Wild Newborn Babies Are Appearing Near Suburban Homes - With a Message

pring is in the air. Flowers are poking up through the soil, trees are turning bright green and many animals have begun adding new members to their families.

One baby animal in particular has been popping up quite a bit — often, in suburban backyards.

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He's 56, retired...and now playing college baseball

He’s often mistaken as a player’s dad. Sometimes people even think he’s a coach. But Jim Fullan, 56, is actually just part of the team.

Fullan may not seem to blend in with his younger teammates on the surface, but he’s earned his spot as No. 38 on the baseball roster for Montgomery County Community College in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania.

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Mom, dad and newborn son all share the same birthday

A Michigan couple beat the odds when they welcomed their first child this month.

Anna Anderson gave birth to her son Bo Benjamin at 11:00 p.m. on April 14, 2023.

April 14 is not only Anna Anderson's birthday, but also that of her husband, Rory Anderson, who was born the same year as his wife.

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Golden retrievers gather to honor Boston Marathon dog Spencer, who lost his battle with cancer

For years at the Boston Marathon, runners were able to look along the sidelines for a beacon of hope: A golden retriever named Spencer waving a "Boston Strong" flag. Spencer had been a staple at the race since 2015, but sadly, he died earlier this year. At the 2023 marathon, his legacy lived on, thanks to fellow goldens and their owners.

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