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The Happiness Report (4.18.23)

It's a match: Wife donates lifesaving kidney to ill husband

One couple found out that they are truly a match -- in more ways than one.

After being together for more than 20 years, a husband and wife pair learned they were rare matches as living donors.

Dexter Holaday had been living with a rare genetic disorder called polycystic kidney disease, when in late 2021, he was told he needed a kidney transplant.

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Source: GMA

Best man sweetly supporting an emotional groom has people celebrating genuine friendship

One of the sweetest parts of any wedding ceremony is the moment the couple sees one another for the first time. That first glimpse is often emotional for everyone, but in a society that doesn't see men cry openly very often, it's especially touching to see a groom tear up when he sees his beloved coming down the aisle.

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Woman Thought Wallet Lost in 60s Was Gone Forever - Until Contractor Opens A Ceiling

Time capsules are usually left behind intentionally, but sometimes they’re entirely accidental.

Fifty-four years ago, Sharon Day was a 16-year-old student at Fayetteville High School in West Virginia. She was attending a school dance in 1968 when she misplaced her wallet, which was loaded with her important personal effects.

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Mother Wins $2M Jackpot After Using Life Savings to Pay For Daughter's Cancer Treatment

A Florida mother had spent her life savings helping her daughter beat cancer.

Just hours after she finished paying off her daughter's cancer treatment, she won $2 million in the lottery.

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'Grateful' Shelter Dog Thanks All His Rescuers With Loving Hugs

A book can’t be judged by its cover, just like a dog can’t be judged by his fur — take it from Sonny, a homeless dog whose genuinely loving spirit is hidden under his not-so-perfect exterior.

Sonny was picked up as a stray by Jackson County Animal Shelter (JCAS) in late March 2023. When they met the sweet pup, staff members could tell right away that both his body and spirit were shattered.

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Source: The Dodo