by The Henné team / 3.7.23

The Happiness Report (3.7.23)

An 8-year-old learned his Waffle House waiter was living in a motel. He's raised over $100K for him

Eight-year-old Kayzen Hunter has a regular ritual: breakfast at his local Waffle House in Little Rock, Arkansas with his family, sometimes with his grandpa, but often with his parents and siblings. With these trips comes his meal served by his favorite waiter, Devonte Gardner.

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Source: TODAY

Co-workers prank employee on his last day before retiring

When Kevin Christian showed up for work on his last day before retirement, looking at his colleagues for the last time was like looking in a mirror.

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Source: GMA

This daddy-daughter hair-braiding class is heart-explodingly adorable

Like most parents, Morgese is really hoping to do his part to make sure Emma becomes a fully-functioning and responsible member of society. He wants to make sure she grows up confident and well-adjusted. He also wants her to have a good male role model in her life. Ya know, like most of us dads do.

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Fun-Loving Dog Figures Out An Exciting Alternative To Walking

Like most dogs, this sweet rescue pup named Greyson loves a good walk. But unlike most dogs, that’s not his only way of getting around.

He's learned to ride in style.

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Source: The Dodo

Police Officers Finish DoorDash Delivery For Woman Involved In Accident

Lieutenant Allen and Officer Smith arrived on the scene in response to a very serious accident. Both vehicles involved were not drivable.

One of the drivers was Bryanna Fantozzi, who is six months pregnant. She was on her way to make a grocery delivery and DoorDash drop-off when she got into the accident due to the icy road conditions.

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