by Team Henné <3 / 2.28.23

The Happiness Report (2.28.23)

A Toddler Was Lost In The Woods For 24 Hours. A Volunteer Trusted His Gut And Found Him

62-year-old Roy Link came to an open field and was met with a choice — two wooded areas with a small clearing in between. Link said he decided on intuition alone and chose the woods on his left.

Immediately after entering the forest he heard the first whimper. As it got louder, he spotted him, about 100 feet away.

Joshua "JJ" Rowland was standing barefoot in the brush, crying for his mother.

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Source: Sunny Skyz

Woman Helped 100 Seniors Re-Home Their Pets Before Passing Away, Bringing 'Peace of Mind'

A 28-year-old who helps the elderly to re-home their pets before passing away has celebrated her 100th adoption.

Angela Rafuse was inspired to create her charity after her 85-year-old grandfather died, leaving his cat, Mackenzie, without a home.

None of Angela’s relatives had capacity to take on the responsibility, so she decided to take in the calico cat herself.

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Source: Good News Network

Touching video shows dad finding out his anonymous kidney donor is actually his daughter

Many of us would do anything to help a close loved one. But many of our loved ones, god bless ‘em, often refuse to take our help.

Perhaps this is why Delayne Ivanowski, who goes by @delayne_i on TikTok, secretly donated a kidney to her father John, and her video of him finding out is capturing millions of hearts online.

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Boy has sweetest reaction to hearing mom, dad and sister for 1st time after cochlear implant

A 4-year-old boy who was born hard of hearing due to a genetic disorder got to hear his parents and sister speak to him for the first time after undergoing cochlear implant surgery.

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Shelter Dog Has The Sweetest Reaction To Finding His Long-Lost Sister

Meet Vardis — a 3-year-old rescue pup who’s bounced between shelters and foster homes for nearly half his life.

Vardis spent most of his years alone, but all that changed recently when he saw someone he’d known since the day he was born — and remembered her face instantly.

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Source: The Dodo

An Eggs-ellent Deal! 11-Yr-Old Sells Chicken Eggs To Help Baker Keep Costs Low

Courtney runs Sweet Anna’s Bakery out of her home in Dallas, North Carolina. She says she was paying about $2.42 for five dozen eggs about a year and a half ago, but now the same pallet costs almost $25. That makes it difficult to make any money doing what she loves.

Recently, she saw a Facebook post from a local father whose son, Rylen, asked him for a laying hen a while back and now has 21 birds in his backyard chicken coop.

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High School students raise money to help elderly custodian who had to unretire

Three Callisburg, Texas students saw Mr. James back at work and wanted to help make ends meet.

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