by Laura X. / 2.26.23

The Henné Product Every Mom Needs in Her Life

“If you could only pick one Henné product, which one would it be?”

I’ve gotten asked this question (or one very similar to it) countless times since Henné’s inception. I’ve given different answers at different times, as my favorite Henné product(s) change throughout each year. When every Henné product is special to me, it can be difficult to pick favorites! With that being said, one product in particular has been on my top 3 list at any given point in time, and that’s our OG Luxury Lip Balm.

After giving birth to my precious little Stella, the Luxury Lip Balm immediately took the #1 product spot, and I wholeheartedly believe this is an absolute must-have for every mom out there. Obviously it's been keeping my lips luscious and moisturized during these winter months, but I also use the lip balm several times a day on the following areas:


So many customers have reached out to me throughout the years and have told me that the lip balm doubled as a nipple cream for them when they were breastfeeding. Now I can say firsthand that the lip balm has been a lifesaver (or shall I say nipple-saver) for my nipples. I rub a layer of lip balm on them after each breastfeeding session and it’s helped so much, especially when I have a baby who acts like she’s trying to chew my nipple off my breast when she’s in a fussy mood. 

Baby bum

There’s no way to sugarcoat this, but every time we change Stella’s poopy diaper, I apply some lip balm close to her booty crack and the surrounding areas. It helps prevent redness and rashes on her butt. Right after she was born, we tried a few natural diaper balms and creams when she developed some red spots and a rash on her butt, but none of them worked as well as our lip balm. 

Anywhere my baby needs it

Dry patch on her arm? Lip balm. Flaky skin by her eyebrow? Lip balm. All over her feet when they were super dry the first week? Lip balm. You get the picture.

woman touching her lips while holding lip balm jar

I could probably continue for a few more paragraphs and describe other ways I’ve been using our OG balm but I’ll end on this note: The Luxury Lip Balm has truly become my never-want-to-be-without Henné essential, and I don’t see that changing for a very long time...hmm perhaps when Stella starts college :)