by The Henné team / 2.21.23

The Happiness Report (2.21.23)

They received heart transplants on the same day in the same hospital. Then they fell in love.

Theirs is the most improbable of love stories — but the heart works in mysterious ways.

Taylor Givens, 29, and Collin Kobelja, 34, received heart transplants on the same day at Virginia's Inova Fairfax hospital in 2011 and were recovering in neighboring rooms. It was Givens' first transplant after she suffered viral cardiomyopathy, while Kobelja was receiving his second transplant after he was born with a chronic heart condition.

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Source: CBS News

Little Girl Asks Grandpa To The Daddy-Daughter Dance

A video of a little girl asking her grandfather to the Daddy-Daughter Dance is bringing viewers to tears.

5-year-old Austyn Woolverton lost her father when she was just one year old.

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Dog Hailed Recycling Champ After Collecting Over 1,000 Plastic Bottles In 1 Yr

Like many dogs, Scruff loves to play with plastic bottles.

David Grant and Yvonne Faulkner-Grant of Warwickshire, England always let their 13-year-old border collie, Scruff, pick up the plastic bottles he finds while out on their daily walks. The dog carries the bottle for a while, and they kick it or toss it for him to chase. The game is over when Scruff loses interest and drops it.

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Grandmas have the best -- and loudest -- reaction to pregnancy news

Serafina and Connie can’t wait to be grandmas.

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Family Raises Over $263,000 For 72-Year-Old Domino's Employee Who Fell Delivering Pizzas

A family in South Carolina has raised over $263,000 for a 72-year-old delivery driver who fell on their front porch while delivering their food.

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