by The Henné team / 1.24.23

The Happiness Report (1.24.23)

See a young boy burst into happy tears when he sees his mom in her wedding dress

A little boy saw his mother in her wedding dress for the first time, and sobbed with happiness.

Mekhi Sheffield, 11, had a big role in his mother Sommer Jean's Jan. 8 wedding: to walk her down the aisle with his grandmother.

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Source: TODAY

Flight attendant sits on the floor the entire flight to comfort distressed passenger

Not everyone enjoys flying. The level of non-enjoyment can range from mild discomfort to full blown Aerophobia, which is defined as an extreme fear of flying. While flying is the quickest way to get to far away destinations, for some people being that far off the ground is terrifying and they'd rather take their chances on the ground.

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Source: Upworthy

Snow Much Fun! 15 Dogs Having A Blast In The Best Winter Weather

Humans have a very love-hate relationship with snow. Either we love it and can’t wait to get outside to play in it, or we hate it and count the days until springtime!

Dogs, however, aren’t nearly as picky about the weather. In fact, most dogs seem to love the snow, especially when there are snowballs involved. There’s nothing cuter than seeing a dog come to life when the white stuff starts to fall. They seem to smile with their whole bodies, don’t they?

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For 10 Years, An Alabama Farmer Secretly Paid People's Pharmacy Bills

Now, his story can be told.

An Alabama man has been anonymously paying for his neighbors' pharmacy bills for more than a decade.

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Marine dad surprises son at football practice after months long deployment

The surprise didn’t leave a dry eye on the field.

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Source: GMA