by Team Henné <3 / 1.19.23

What's In A Name?

Most of our Henné product names are pretty self-explanatory (e.g. Azalea, Coral, Citrus, etc.), but one that’s baffled many is Blomma. So what does “Blomma” mean, and why did we give one of our hand creams that name?

“Blomma” is actually a Swedish word with dual meanings, both “flower” and “to bloom.” Not only does the name fit the scent beautifully, but it was also inspired by the trio of florals in our hand cream, the twinflower extract in particular.

Your next question is probably, “What is a twinflower?”


These delicate white and pink bell shaped flowers bloom all over Sweden in June and July each year, but be sure to enjoy their beauty while you can, as they only last seven days after blooming. Twinflowers were widely considered the unofficial national flower of Sweden up until 2021 (now it’s the harebell, which bears a resemblance), likely due to their origin story.

The Latin name twinflower linnaea borealis was given in honor of Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus who was the first to formally describe the twinflower (which was said to be his favorite plant). Linnaeus would later become
known as the father of taxonomy.

Twinflower history aside, why did we select this ingredient for our Blomma hand cream? Twinflower is highly effective in calming irritated skin and rejuvenating and hydrating dry, dull skin.

Blomma hand cream

After getting a glimpse of the story and inspiration behind Blomma and the illustrious twinflower, we hope you can see just how special this delightful hand cream is and fall in love with it the moment you try it. The only question will be how to stop envious hands from ‘borrowing’ it all the time - can’t say we’d blame them though.