by The Henné team / 1.17.23

The Happiness Report (1.17.23)

Grandfather builds 200-foot long backyard sledding course for his grandkids

A grandfather in Minnesota built the ultimate winter wonderland for his grandchildren.

The man, named Steve, built a 200-foot long backyard sledding course, according to his daughter, Nicole Warner.

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Source: GMA

Alabama family reunited with lost dog after 2 years

A family in Daphne, Alabama, was greeted by their long lost dog Leroy after the pooch went missing nearly two years ago.

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Source: ABC News

Miracle Uber Ride results in driver donating kidney to passenger

Bill Sumiel needed a kidney.

And because his center needed to pick him up at his Salem, N.J. home, he also needed an Uber ride.

On the car ride to the dialysis center, he and his driver struck up a conversation about the problems Sumiel was having.

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Source: ABC 7

Baby Expected To Take His First Steps Suddenly Starts Dancing Instead

A little boy who is learning how to walk surprised his parents with sudden dance moves, instead.

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Source: Sunny Skyz

Good Samaritans Open Their Home To 10 Tourists Stranded By Massive Snowstorm

One small act of kindness can really make all the difference in the world. For 10 stranded tourists traveling through New York recently, the kindness of two people helped keep them safe and warm during a terrible snowstorm.

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Source: Inspire More

How to look after your mental health this winter, according to you

We asked Positive News readers to share their tips for better wellbeing during the winter. As ever, we were flooded with responses and are grateful to our community for getting in touch. It was inspiring to read all the messages.

Some common themes emerged. Many cited food, music and talking therapies as sources of comfort. Interesting to note was how many of you attributed vitamin D supplements and SAD (seasonal affective disorder) lamps with a mood boost.

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Source: Positive News

Guy Sees Koala Trying To Cross A Busy Road - And Knows He Has To Help

Recently, while relaxing on a balcony at home in Australia, Will Thornton was suddenly spurred into action to save the life of a furry local.

Glancing down at the ground below, Thornton noticed a koala descending from a nearby tree. The koala then seemed dead-set on crossing a busy highway just out front. It seemed like a tragedy was about to unfold — one that Thornton couldn’t just sit by and watch.

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Source: The Dodo