by The Henné team / 1.10.23

The Happiness Report (1.10.23)

Restaurant Owner Cries Tears Of Joy After TikToker Saves His Business

A Las Vegas restaurant owner has had more business in the past couple of days than in the restaurant's entire existence, thanks to a viral TikTok video.

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Teacher shares student's generous offer to give test points to classmate with lowest score

A photo showing a student's kind gesture to offer up five of his test points to a classmate is getting lots of love on Facebook.

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"There Is No Way." Man Rejoices Over The Return Of His Missing Horse 8 Yrs Later

Have you ever felt as if life keeps throwing punches? Like no matter how hard you try, another disappointment is inevitably bound to surface?

It can be difficult for anyone to maintain a positive outlook in the grip of constant adversity. But take heart; as Shane Adams can personally attest to, a horse of a different color may be just around the bend! In March of 2014, disaster struck when Shane’s favorite horse went missing on a camping trip in his native Utah.

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Mom shares video of her toddler coming to the rescue when she locks herself out of the house

Would you be considered human if you haven't locked yourself out of your house at least once? One mom on TikTok found herself in quite the predicament with only her toddler to "mission impossible" his way to unlocking the house door to let his mom, @gesikaaaaaa, inside. The video starts with the camera pointed at a rosy-cheeked toddler on a snow-covered porch.

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Improving Her Depression, Woman Tries Something New Every Day for a Year-And Vows to Keep it Up

A woman who struggled with depression found a way—actually, more than 300 ways—to improve her mental health by doing something new every day for a year.

Jess Mell says she’s now the happiest she’s been in a decade after trying new things for 365 days, including a try at hot yoga and beekeeping.

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