by The Henné team / 12.27.22

The Happiness Report (12.27.22)

Dad buys tickets on all of flight attendant daughter's Christmas flights

Many families travel to be with their loved ones for the holidays but one father took things to a whole new level this Christmas – literally. Pierce Vaughn, a Delta flight attendant, was scheduled to work Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. But her Dad, Hal, wasn’t about to miss the holiday with his daughter. So, he traveled across the country as a passenger on all 6 of her flights during the holiday period.

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The heartwarming reaction to this couple's pregnancy announcement is going viral

At first, the video just seems like a group of friends gathered in front of a Christmas tree to snap a fun holiday photo. The photographer counts down: 3, 2 ... but instead of saying 1, he drops a bombshell.

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Dancing 5-Yr-Old Steals Spotlight At Preschool Graduation And Has 1000s Cracking Up

As a child, you probably fell into one of two categories: the shy introvert who felt self-conscious about expressing yourself, or the confident, outgoing firecracker who held absolutely nothing back. Ask anyone who’s met five-year-old Lily of Ohio, and they’ll undoubtedly label her as the latter.

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Runner performed life-saving CPR during half-marathon. Then he finished the race and did it again.

The biggest concern for Dr. Steve Lome before starting the Monterey Bay Half Marathon along the California coast last month was being able to keep up with his teenage kids beside him.

But the cardiologist would soon face a life-or-death situation around mile 3 of the 13.1 mile race.

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Group Of Local Deer Put Out A Hit On Woman's Inflatable Reindeer

Evidently, in Brooke Miller’s Austin, Texas, neighborhood, there’s only room for a select few local deer.

And, apparently, her adorable reindeer decorations aren’t among them.

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