by Team Henné <3 / 11.15.22

The Happiness Report (11.15.22)

Man proposes after softball team helps him find missing engagement ring

Against the odds, a Texas man recovered a missing engagement ring this week following recent tornadoes that destroyed dozens of homes and buildings in Lamar County.

Once he had the ring back in his hands, Dakota Hudson made sure not to waste any more time before he got down on one knee to ask his girlfriend Lauren Patterson to marry him.

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Source: GMA

Dad Wakes From Coma to Discover Artistic Skills he Never Had Before-And is Now a Carpenter and Model Maker

A young father’s recovery is baffling doctors after he awoke from a coma and discovering he had artistic talents like never before—and now he’s a professional carpenter and model builder.

Moe Hunter was struck down by a rare form bacterial meningitis and tuberculosis in his brain that left him fighting for his life in 2004.

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Football player gives homecoming king crown to a more deserving student

English teacher Amy Finney erupted with applause when high school senior James Verpaele was crowned homecoming king last month.

Moments later, Finney was in tears as she watched Verpaele, 17, present her developmentally disabled 19-year-old son, Parks, with the crown and sash.

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Source: TODAY

Dog Finds Best Way To Entertain Herself While Waiting At The Vet

Unlike many dogs, Akira isn’t afraid of the vet. The friendly golden is happy to wait her turn at her local animal hospital, especially if it means she gets to watch some of her favorite squirrel videos on her dad’s iPhone.

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Source: The Dodo

Compassionate interaction between a frazzled dad and his 6-year-old son has people in tears

Anyone who has parented a spirited "threenager" knows how hard handling toddler tantrums can be. Parents often joke about our wee ones throwing down, because laughter is sometimes the only way to cope. But in reality, it can be extremely disturbing and distressing for the entire household when a family member carries on in a way that feels—or truly is—out of control.

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