by Team Henné <3 / 10.25.22

The Happiness Report (10.25.22)

A graduate’s daughter’s exuberant cheers show kids are proud of their parents, too

When Aashish Nalawade graduated from Teesside University, in Middlesbrough, England, last June, no one was more proud of him than his daughter, Shivaee. As Aashish took the stage to accept his diploma, his daughter screamed “Congratulations, daddy” and the whole auditorium burst out in laughter.

After he blew her a kiss and shouted, “I love you” she replied passionately, “I love you, daddy!”

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Source: Upworthy

Texas grandmother pursues dream of becoming pilot and starts her second career

One woman proved that it is never too late to return to something you love. After staying home to raise her kids, Tamaron Nicklas accomplished her dream of being a pilot for Southwest Airlines after two decades out of the sky.

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Source: ABC 7

A farmer was injured saving a puppy. His town rallied to bring in his harvest.

Scott Legried was driving to pick up some gravel in the small farming community of Frost, Minn., in mid-August when a German shepherd puppy ran into the middle of the road.

Legried swerved to miss the dog, sending his vehicle off the road and into a cornfield.

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Source: The Washington Post

2-year-old steals the show at mom's wedding after running down the aisle to greet her

Walking down the aisle may just be the biggest moment for any bride but for Kristie Mihelich of Troy, Michigan, it was an extraordinary event she won’t soon forget.

Mihelich was getting ready to marry Bobby Mihelich on April 22 at Planterra Conservatory in West Bloomfield, Michigan, when their 2-year-old son, Pierson, unwittingly stole the show.

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Source: GMA

Did you know that volunteering is good for your health?

Volunteering is a great way to have a positive impact while connecting to your community, but did you know that volunteering is actually good for you? Today we share four ways in which giving back to your community also gives back to your health and wellbeing.

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Source: The Optimist Daily

College Wrestler Jumps on Grizzly's Back To Save His Friend During Attack

Two college wrestlers survived a grizzly bear attack in Wyoming while hunting over the weekend.

They stuck together to fight the bear off and lived to tell the tale.

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Doggy Delivery! 15 UPS Drivers Who Really Don't Mind Getting Hounded On The Job

When you drive for a living, the people and pets you encounter on your route become as close as coworkers.

A few years ago, UPS driver Sean McCarren started a Facebook group called “UPS Dogs” to showcase the many four-legged friends drivers meet during their shifts. The page now has well over a million fans, and thousands of adorable interactions have been captured and shared. Here are a few more of our favorite drivers hanging with the cutest coworkers ever!

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