by Team Henné <3 / 10.18.22

The Happiness Report (10.18.22)

Man Spends 24 Hrs Giving Out "Free" Hugs To Strangers - The Result Is Heartwarming.

There is nothing a hug can’t fix — not even in a broken world!

To prove this, a young man named Zach McIntyre decided to offer “free” hugs to strangers for 24 hours in downtown Greenville, South Carolina. He recorded the whole experience so he could share it with the world… including the many rejections and not-so-friendly comments he encountered.

While Zach’s mission got off to a rough start, he did not let the rejections bring him down — and we’re glad he didn’t! Suddenly, the “nos” turned into “yeses.”

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Patient Plays His Saxophone Throughout 9-Hour Brain Surgery To Remove Tumor

A patient at Paideia International Hospital in Rome, Italy, underwent a 9-hour brain operation while playing the saxophone.

The team of surgeons, led by Dr. Christian Brogna, international expert in complex tumor surgery and "awake surgery", completely removed the brain tumor without compromising the patient's neurological functions.

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Dog Forms The Sweetest Friendship With Man Experiencing Homelessness

Meet Sora and his dad, TikTok user Colzouti.

Each and every day, the fluffy, friendly pup brings joy to his proud parent’s life. But Sora’s big heart and loving spirit aren’t directed at him alone.

One day, while out for a walk near their home in Paris, Sora made a new friend — a man experiencing homelessness, named Bruno. That chance meeting changed Colzouti’s heart, and ultimately Bruno’s circumstances, too.

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'Bike buses' catch on as a cool way to commute to school. What are they?

“Bike buses” — adult-led group bike rides to school — are taking over neighborhoods.

Many families are ditching cars for a sweatier morning ride with friends, biking miles in organized clusters led by grown-up volunteers. The effort is a call to combat climate change, encourage exercise and reduce school drop-off traffic.

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Family decorates their house for Halloween with a funny new skeleton scene every day in October

The Dinote family of San Antonio, Texas, inadvertently started a tradition in 2020 when they purchased two human skeletons and a skeleton dog to decorate their lawn for Halloween. Steven Dinote told KSAT they jokingly propped one up against a lawnmower, which gave his wife, Danielle, the idea of making the skeleton walk the dog the next day.

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