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The Happiness Report (10.11.22)

An 8-year-old saved his classmate's life after seeing him choking in school cafeteria

Kids have a habit of picking things up pretty quickly. Usually it's things you wish they wouldn't have learned, like mimicking your frustrated swear words. But sometimes a skill comes in pretty handy, such as for 8-year-old Garrett Brown, who recently saved the life of his classmate at Lakeview Elementary School in Norman, Oklahoma. Garrett was sitting at the lunch table eating with his friends when a boy started to choke on his chicken nuggets, which prompted Garrett to perform the Heimlich maneuver.

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Mom runs hair salon inside hospital to pamper parents of NICU babies

The mom of a former NICU baby has opened a hospital hair salon to spoil other parents of high-risk newborns.

Sarah Pulley knows the NICU inside and out — four years ago, her daughter Amelia was born premature and spent four months in the neonatal intensive care unit at two different hospitals in Indianapolis.

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Source: TODAY

Dog's Fall Photo Shoot Does Not Turn Out As Planned

Meet Max — a goofy pup who can’t seem to take a bad photo.

The only thing the Cane Corso/American bulldog mix loves more than ripping up his toys, is going for long walks. So when his walker Tess Amanda arrives to take him out in the afternoon, the pup can hardly control his excitement.

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Lumber Company Grows Trees That Smile With Massive Grin for Oregon Drivers

Every autumn in Oregon, motorists traveling down the route 18 receive a “beaming” smile from the hills above the roadway.

That’s because years ago, Hampton Lumber company logged the trees on that hill, and decided to replant early-changing larch in the shape of a smiley face.

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Over $500K raised for pizza delivery man who saved 5 minors from burning house

Nicholas Bostic, a 25-year-old pizza delivery driver from Lafayette, Indiana, was hailed as a hero after he rescued five minors from a blazing building earlier this month. Bostic noticed a house on fire while driving around at night and risked his life — even jumping out of a window with a six-year-old in his arms — to save the occupants. Bostic had to be flown to nearby Indianapolis for treatment of severe smoke inhalation and a large gash on his right arm. He also suffered cuts, burns and blisters and was treated for multiple days in hospital.

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Nearly 2,480-pound pumpkin wins Massachusetts fair, sets new record

The Topsfield Fair in Massachusetts has crowned a new winner for its annual All New England Giant Pumpkin Weigh-Off.

On Friday, Sept. 30, Jamie Graham — a 37-year-old Tyngsboro man — showed friends and family what a little hard work can do when he brought a 2,480-pound pumpkin to the fair and won the entire contest. Graham's kids dubbed the gigantic gourd Bear Swipe because their dad has had a few problems with black bears clawing at his pumpkins in the past.

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Breast cancer survivor celebrated by entire plane on flight to Hawaii

Jyrl Oldman, a former pilot herself, loved the special announcement the pilot delivered on her Southwest flight to Hawaii.

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