by Team Henné <3 / 10.9.22

Stop Dry Lips With This Simple Habit

You probably already know that consistent lip balm use is really important in order to keep lips moisturized and prevent dry, cracked lips, especially during these colder months ahead.

Most people apply lip balm randomly throughout the day whenever they feel the need to. As long as you always carry a lip balm, this method is probably enough to keep your lips from getting really chapped. But instead of always being on the cusp of having dry lips, wouldn’t it be nicer to simply have such smooth, soft lips that even if you were to forget to bring your lip balm once in a while, you wouldn’t need to worry about it?

Choosing specific times or moments each day makes it much easier for you to remember to use your lip balm preemptively before the urgent need sets in. This gives your lips a solid foundation and makes it far more likely that you'll keep dry lips away than just randomly applying lip balm during the day.

latte with a croissant

Aim to combine your lip balm reapplications with mealtimes and snacks/drinks. After each meal, snack or cup of coffee, take out your trusty lip balm for a quick swipe or two. There’s nothing wrong with putting on lip balm prior to a meal, but know that even with the most effective formulas, they won’t have time to really work on moisturizing your lips, as most of it will likely come off while you’re eating or drinking.

Woman applying lip balm to lips

Perhaps the most important times to put on lip balm is right before bed. While we think our Luxury Lip Balm V2 is the perfect daytime and on-the-go lip balm, we highly recommend our OG Luxury Lip Balm jar version for this evening occasion so you can apply an extra thick layer before bed.

The pointers above may sound almost too simple and easy to follow, but it does take time to develop any new habit, so if you’re trying to be more consistent with lip balm use and it takes awhile to get the hang of it, don’t sweat it. Start consciously turning this into a quick post-meal lip care ritual and pretty soon it’ll just become second nature…and you’ll have lusciously soft and hydrated lips as a result!