by Team Henné <3 / 9.20.22

The Happiness Report (9.20.22)

Father of the bride steals the show with his incredibly smooth dance moves

Father and daughter dances are a traditional staple of weddings. They tend to range somewhere between tearfully sweet and hilariously cringey. But sometimes, as was the case of Brittany Revell and her dad Kelly, they can be so freakin’ cool that millions of people become captivated.

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Source: Upworthy

Truck Driver Leaves Toy For Person Who Always Waves As They Drive Past

Darren James shared this heartwarming story to his Facebook page.

He said: "We sometimes take Alex to wave at the traffic on an M6 bridge, some wave back or beep their horns, he gets very excited, we went today and found this, amazing, we'd love to know who the kind and generous driver is from Royal Mail!"

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Flooding destroyed a bridge in Indiana. A high school football team rebuilt it.

Todd Hagan and his wife ventured outside their home in Switzerland County, Ind., once the seemingly endless torrential downpour subsided. They were stunned by what they saw.

The wooden bridge connecting one side of their driveway to the other — their only access to a main road — was destroyed by flash flooding that hit southeastern Indiana on Sept. 3.

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Source: The Washington Post

Southwest Employees Look After Passenger's Pet Fish That Was Not Allowed on Flight

Southwest Airlines posted on Facebook on social media that Kira Rumfola learned she could not take her fish, Theo, on the plane with her after finishing her freshman year at college.

A customer service agent, named Ismael, talked to Kira and her father about the options available.

When nothing worked out, Ismael offered to take the fish home and care for it himself while Kira was home for the summer.

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Beekeeper Shocked When Neighbor Gives Up Farmland to His Hives: "I've never experienced anything like that."

Near Austria’s border with Germany, an agriculturalist let one-fifth of his farming estate return to wild meadows in order to support his neighbor’s beekeeping operation.

The hyper-cultivation around Franz Nigl’s property in Leiten, Austria, was never really “his thing,” and wanting to hear the meadows “buzzing” again, he let his good neighbor Josef Krenn, a hobbyist beekeeper, take it over.

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Source: Good News Network