by Team Henné <3 / 9.11.22

Should I Exfoliate if I Have Sensitive Lips?

If your lips are more on the sensitive end, you might be wondering if you should be exfoliating them at all. While we don’t recommend exfoliating your lips 3-4 times per week, we definitely believe that you can exfoliate and get all the benefits from lip exfoliation even with sensitive lips.

To ensure that you get the most out of exfoliation but without irritating your lips, we have a few quick tips below:

  • Gently scrub your lips with a pea sized amount of lip exfoliator for no more than 30 seconds. This should be an adequate amount of time to remove all the dead skin without overstimulating the lips.
  • Rinse your lips with water after exfoliation instead of wiping the remnants off with a tissue or paper towel. This allows the natural butters and oils in the Henné exfoliator to moisturize your lips afterward, and certain tissues and paper towels may be too abrasive to use on sensitive lips right after.
  • Start with only exfoliating once per week (instead of our recommended 3-4 times for non-sensitive lips). After a few weeks of doing this, if your lips feel fine, you can bump it up to twice per week.
  • Opt for an essential oil-free exfoliator if your lips are extra sensitive, such as our Nordic Berries option.

With the tips above, we’re confident that you’ll be able to enjoy and get the most out of exfoliating (hello silky smooth lips) while still being kind to your lips.