by Team Henné <3 / 8.30.22

The Happiness Report (8.30.22)

Massachusetts man surprises senior community residents with brand new shoes

Residents of the 2Life senior community in Brighton, Massachusetts, have a new pep in their step, thanks to James Humphries.

Humphries, 25, is a front desk ambassador at the affordable housing community. Last year, he noticed that many of the seniors wore shoes that were worn-out, and in some cases several sizes too big. Humphries worried that they might trip and fall, and he was especially concerned about a resident who is partially blind.

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Source: The Week

Couple's romantic engagement photos look like they're in Italy. Sorry folks, it was Olive Garden.

There’s a lot of pressure for people these days to live the perfect Instagram-worthy life. People place so much emphasis on their social media image that it ends up running their lives. This social anxiety is keenly felt by young couples planning their weddings.

...The pressure is probably why a TikTok video of a couple who took their engagement photos at an Olive Garden has more than 260,000 views. The couple’s photos were so good that they fooled a lot of people into thinking they were shot at an exotic locale, but for those who got the joke, it was hilarious. It’s a total win-win.

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Heroic Uber driver recounts stopping mid-ride to rescue people from a burning building

An Uber driver is being hailed as a hero after he stopped mid-ride to rush into a burning brownstone in New York City to help rescue people before firefighters arrived.

Fritz Sam, 54, told TODAY he was taking a passenger to New York's LaGuardia Airport on Wednesday when he noticed a commotion on the street in Brooklyn's Bed-Stuy neighborhood. That's when he noticed the flames and dark smoke coming out of a second floor window of a brownstone.

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Source: TODAY

North Carolina Cat Café Celebrates 1,000 Adoptions

Mac Tabby Cat Café owner Lori Konawalik says cats have been her calling and passion for over 40 years.

"One night, my husband Nick asked me one question, 'if you took all logistics out of it - what would you do?' The answer was immediate and clear. In that moment, the light came on and I was on my path to opening Charlotte's first cat cafe! Yes, the logistics were scary. But we kept pushing past the fear, deciding instead to move forward with passion and intention - a key lesson we wanted to instill in our three teenage sons," Konawalik wrote on her website.

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Math teacher surprised by students with funds to buy car

A math teacher at L.A. high school was surprised with more than $30,000, fundraised by his grateful students so that he can buy a car and skip the two-hour one-way daily commute.

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Source: ABC

Their Bodies Age, But Seniors Have Higher Emotional Well-Being - Here's Why

For the past 20 years, Susan Turk Charles, a psychologist at the University of California, Irvine, has been monitoring the shifting moods, the sense of satisfaction, and the outbursts of anger and sadness in people of all ages—with a special interest in how we handle and experience emotions as we grow older.

She fell in love with the idea of studying a process related to aging that is not defined by a decline.

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'What In The Tarnation?!' Bush Shows Gratitude In Wholesome Prank

A man dressed up as a bush pranked a group of women on the street and the result is incredibly wholesome.

In the prank, the disguised man drops a large branch of "the bush" in front of the women when they're not paying attention.

One of the women approaches the fallen branch, confused, and says "What in the tarnation?"

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