by Team Henné <3 / 7.26.22

The Happiness Report (7.26.22)

Emmanuel the Emu Constantly Disrupts Owners TikToks, Goes Viral

A rambunctious emu that lives on a farm in Florida won't let his owner film any TikToks -- a hilarious back-and-forth that has taken the internet by storm ... and for good reason.

The bird's name is Emmanuel, a resident of Knuckle Bump Farms in South Florida -- where one of the workers, a female, has time and again tried educating the public about their animals and work there ... only to be interrupted by Emmanuel's long stride and fierce peck.

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Source: TMZ

Local Missouri Businesses Get In Hilarious Sign War

A McDonald's and Dairy Queen in Marshfield, Missouri started a hilarious "sign war" which inspired other neighboring businesses to get involved.

McDonald's picked the fight with Dairy Queen, writing "Hey DQ! Wanna have a sign war".

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Source: Sunny Skyz

Soldier pulls off epic surprise for his brother on his wedding day

A groom got the surprise of his life when his military brother, who he thought couldn’t attend his wedding, showed up to the ceremony after all.

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Source: TODAY

'Retirement House' on TikTok shows you're only as young as you feel

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your grandparents made content on TikTok? As far-fetched as it seems, there are older people who are finding success on the app.

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Source: Upworthy

Man Survives 18 Hours At Sea By Clinging To A Soccer Ball That Floated To Him

Ivan, 30, was vacationing at Myti Beach in Kassandra, Greece, when he got swept away by strong currents, Fox 5 reports.

He survived 18 hours at sea by clinging to a small soccer ball lost by two youngsters 10 days prior. Despite the fact that the ball was running out of air, Ivan was able to utilize it to breathe and stay afloat.

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Source: Sunny Skyz