by Angelica M. / May 10, 2020


Washer with clothes inside with basket and laundry items

When it comes to being conscious about our foods and our beauty products, we’ve become more aware of what goes in our bodies and on our bodies, but what about what goes inside our homes? We use household products daily, which makes it that much more important to be conscious of how these products affect our home and our environment. With benefits such as being safer on the skin, being better for the environment, and keeping not only your house clean but also the air clean, the time to switch to natural and non-toxic cleaning products is now.

If you want to make the switch, don’t worry, there are plenty of alternatives out there. Don’t know where to start? Here’s a guide for you!


Swap Dial & Lysol ↬ for Seventh Generation & Mrs. Meyers

Seventh Generation
With various scents such as fresh lemon and tea, lavender mint, hibiscus and cardamom, and more, Seventh Generation is the golden alternative. Their plant-based ingredients without any dyes or triclosan make for a lovely and green hand soap.

Mrs. Meyer’s
Mrs. Meyer’s hand soaps and bar soaps are cruelty-free and contain essential oils with other thoughtfully chosen ingredients. They leave your hands feeling soft and smelling sweetly pleasant (their lavender scent is my fave!).


Swap Cascade & Finish ↬ for Ecover & The Honest Co.

Ecover Dishwasher Tablets
Based on plant and mineral ingredients, this alternative captures the effectiveness of nature. These dishwasher tablets are biodegradable and chlorine free. Ecover has the superpower of leaving your dishes sparkling clean.

The Honest Co.
Meet your dishwasher’s new best friend. The Honest Co. Auto Dishwasher Detergent Gel is biodegradable, pH Neutral, septic tank and gray-water system safe, vegan, and dairy free. This plant-based detergent will clean even the dirtiest and toughest stains.


Swap Tide & Gain ↬ for ECOS, Whole Foods

This laundry detergent has a concentrated formula with plant-powered cleaning ingredients. All scents are made from natural fragrances and essential oils. Hypo-allergenic so that your skin and you are happy and healthy. It even has a built-in fabric softener to save you money.

Whole Foods Organic Laundry Detergent
Hypo-allergenic, organic, and doesn't contain chlorine, phosphates or petrochemicals. Whole Foods brings us yet another amazing product to keep your clothes feeling soft and clean as ever. Biodegradable and safe for septic & greywater systems, this product takes care of the environment even after your wash is done.


Swap Snuggle & Gain ↬ for Ecover, 365, Seventh Generation

This liquid fabric softener works to soften fabrics, help reduce static, and keep clothes fresh and clean. Made with plant-based and mineral ingredients and a biodegradable formula, Ecover has your laundry covered and the environment covered. Offering their “Zero Fabric Softener,” Ecover understands those with sensitive skin. Specially formulated to minimize the risk of allergies due to its 0% fragrance and 0% coloring, your skin will be as comfortable as ever.

365 Everyday Value
With their dryer sheets, Whole Foods' 365 brand provides a great green alternative. Natural fragrance from essential oils, no animal testing, and with the power of softening and reducing static, 365 does the job for you.

Seventh Generation
Enjoy soft clothes without worrying what chemicals were used with Seventh Generation Liquid Fabric Softener. This product is made of plant-based ingredients and essential oils to leave you feeling peaceful and cozy.


Swap Clorox, Oxi Clean, Tide ↬ for Seventh Generation, ECOS, Real Simple Clean

Seventh Generation
Seventh Generation’s Laundry Stain Remover fights tough stains like coffee, ketchup, and grass like it’s no other. With their new formula of four plant-based enzymes, be ready to say goodbye to stains. With no dyes or fragrances and being a USDA Certified Biobased Product, Seventh Generation is your stain-removing BFF.

Formulated with 100% sustainable and renewable ingredients, free of dyes, greywater and septic safe with a neutral pH, ECOS removes chemicals and stains. Plant power and enzymes do the tough work, so you don’t have to.

Real Simple Clean
Available Grove Co., this stain and odor remover has an impressive resume of being natural and non-toxic. Biodegradable, BPA free, CFC free, gluten free, Leaping Bunny certified, made in the USA, paraben free, nut free, non-GMO, soy free, and triclosan free, your home will be left in great hands.


Swap Lysol & Clorox ↬ for Seventh Generation & Mrs. Meyers

Seventh Generation
This toilet bowl cleaner is free from chlorine bleach and made entirely from essential oils and botanical ingredients. But don’t underestimate the cleaning power of this product! It'll leave that toilet bowl squeaky clean.

Mrs. Meyer’s
No phthalates, chlorine, or harsh mineral acids, Mrs. Meyer’s provides an effective and powerful toilet bowl cleaner. Septic safe and biodegradable, this product will leave your toilet shining like the throne it is.


Swap Cottonelle & Charmin ↬ for Seventh Generation & 365

Seventh Generation
This 100% recycled toilet paper is the way to go. Whitened without chlorine bleach, added dyes, or fragrances, this 2-ply tissue is designed for both softness and strength. Not only is it gentle on your bum, it’s also gentle on the environment.

365 Everyday Value
By avoiding bleaching with chlorine, dangerous chemicals in the environment are not released. This toilet paper is whitened using a safer, more environmentally friendly process. Also 100% recycled, you’ll be saving trees with every roll.


Swap Always & Tampax ↬ for Lola, Natracare, OrganiCup, Seventh Generation

Can feminine care be chic? LOLA proves that it can! 100% hypo-allergenic cotton with compact BPA-free plastic applicators, 100% biodegradable, and 100% amazing! Containing no additives, synthetics, chemicals, or dyes, LOLA is a high quality, stylish, and natural product for your feminine needs.

The sustainable, plastic free choice for your period. 100% certified organic cotton, plastic free, and soft & breathable natural protection, Natracare knows how to take care of your period, the right way. In addition to tampons and pads, they offer liners, wipes, maternity pads, and incontinence pads.

If you’ve said no to pads and tampons and switched to menstrual cups, take a look at OrganiCup. This menstrual cup is certified hypo-allergenic, registed with The Vegan Society, cruelty free, and made with 100% medical grade silicone with no BPA, latex, or dyes. It lasts years, not hours, which reduces your waste by thousands!

Seventh Generation
Titled “Period Care,” Seventh Generation spreads the care to you and the environment. With a variety of tampons, pads, and pantiliners, Seventh Generation has you covered. Their products are made with 100% certified organic cotton and 99% plant-based plastic and 0% fragrances, dyes, deodorants, rayon, or chlorine bleaching. In addition, they donate 43 cents for every pack of tampons and pads they sell in the U.S. to non-profits helping make period care more accessible and equitable.


Swap TRESemme, Dove, Pantene ↬ for Acure, Rahua, John Masters

Founded on sustainable principles, Acure knows how to take care of your hair while taking care of the environment. By being paraben free, sulfate free, mineral oil free, petrolatum free, formaldehyde free, and cruelty free, you’ll be free to wash your hairs without worries.

Rahua's très chic hair care products are rich and restorative, leaving your hair feeling soft, silky, and luxurious. Made with omega-9 rich Rahua oil and naturally scented with the woodsy aroma of Palo Santo oil. Rahua finds pride in their promise to never harvest non-regenerative rainforest ingredients.

John Masters
Natural, sulfate-free hair care products with a mission to cleanse and moisturize your hair while leaving your scalp balanced— not too oily, not too dry. With its combined powers of essential oils like lavender and rosemary, your hair will thank you for its soothing effects and hydration for its locks.